How to Keep Videos on Devices from YouTube

Keep Videos on Devices

We have to admit that YouTube is heaven for web-enthusiasts due to its various video resources. It’s easy to catch some crazy videos on YouTube, however, its a pity that we can not watch them offline on other media players or under the situation when our devices are not connected to reliable network.

I have tried a lot of downloaders to save some online videos since I was interested in video clips. As I mentioned, YouTube is a large video database for us, providing video clips in all categories you may need. But unfortunately, it does not provide a direct download service.

Actually, there are various video downloaders in the market, and you may in dilemma and don’t know choose which one to use. Personally, I would prefer a product that gives me a more convenient and enjoyable user experience. In this regard, VideoHunter may not be the most perfect one, but it is definitely a worthwhile choice.

About VideoHunter

VideoHunter is a video downloader newly launched in 2020. In fact, it is originally released by VidPaw. But thanks to the increasing number of users, it will be solely developed into an independent brand, and its functionality will be enhanced by a specific technical team for providing better services to users in the future.

VideoHunter is a paid-for product, but it provides a free trial for both Windows and Mac users. I do hold the belief that you would be willing to pay for it once you try it out.

Here are some advantages and limitations of VideoHunter I discover after a period of use.

Advantages of VideoHunter

  • Simple Interface: The dark blue page has only a few function-oriented buttons, making users feel simple-to-use and intuitive.
  • 1000+ Supported Sites: Users can download videos from more than 1,000 popular sites, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vlive, etc.
  • Batch Download: It enables one to download multiple tasks simultaneously with speedy and fluent performance.
  • High Output Quality: It supports the output video quality which can high to 1080p, 4K, and even 8K with audio in MP3 160kbps/320kbps.

* For Mac version, it allows users to download the whole YouTube playlist at once and also provides a built-in converter to convert the video/audio files to 20+ mainstream formats.

Limitations of VideoHunter

  • The process of merging the video and audio might take a longer time if your network condition is not reliable, or you are downloading a high-resolution video.
  • The built-in converter and YouTube playlist feature is only available on the Mac version now.

Attention: These two features will come to Windows version in the near future.

How to Download YouTube Video in VideoHunter

Referring to the using process, VideoHunter is quite simple to grasp. Even I am a new user of VideoHunter, I could quickly master the way to use VideoHunter. Here are the main procedures to download YouTube video with VideoHunter.

Step 1. Install VideoHunter

Click on the download button provided here for installing the program. Complete the installation with the install wizard and click on it to run. Then launch it and we will come to this initiate interface.

Free Download on Windows

Free Download on Mac

Step 2. Copy the URL of A YouTube Video

Copy the URL of the video you are interested in from YouTube and paste it into the downloading bar in Videohunter.

How to Download YouTube Videos

Step 3. Select the Output Resolutions

Then click on the “Analyze” button. All the available resolutions including video and audio options would be listed. Just choose the quality you need.

Note: By default, the output files will be stored in the VideoHunter Studio folder. You can also choose it to another folder in “Output” section.

Resolution Choices

Step 4. Start the Downloads

Once you select the output quality and click the “Download”button, the YouTube video will start the downloading process. It only takes a short time to complete the downloading process. Please wait patiently.

Downloading Process

Step 5. Enjoy the Downloaded YouTube Video

The downloaded YouTube video/audio can be found in “Finished” section. Just by clicking “Open Folder”, you can easily access the downloaded YouTube video/audio on your desktop and enjoy a smooth offline playback.

Download Complete

Comment on VideoHunter

As an HD video downloader, VideoHunter can provide a more comfortable user experience on the basis of meeting essential requirements, such as providing high output quality, simple-to-use features, and fast downloading speed. So when you need to download high-definition videos from YouTube, VideoHunter would be a great choice.