How to Increase Download Speed in Chrome

How to increase download Speed in Google Chrome: – Typing a URL in the browser and waiting for the page to load is one of the most annoying moments that we come across.

Today the Internet has favoured us all with everything on our fingertips. A user only needs to convert it into appropriate search keywords, whatever may be the need. We expect information retrieval to be as fast as possible. The instant recovery of information is complicated due to the lower bandwidth of the Internet connection.

Today, Google Chrome is one of the major web browsers available. It helps the users with faster information fetching, elegant UI, several helpful extensions etc. Google Chrome retrieves information very quickly by using your limited Bandwidth.

You can increase Google Chrome’s speed by adopting specific techniques to make the favourite web browser faster.

How to increase download Speed in Google Chrome

  • Tweak advanced chrome settings as shown
    • Just go to chrome://settings/ on chrome browser directly.
    • Scroll down and click on advanced.
    • Now, locate the Send A Do Not Track Request with your browsing traffic. Trust me it will boost up the download speed.
  • Enabling Parallel Downloading flag-
    • It will increase the downloading speed on the computer.
    • Open Google Chrome window on the computer.
    • Type “chrome://flags” and hit Enter in Google Chrome window.
    • Tap on the search box to type “parallel downloading“.
    • With Parallel downloading flag tap on the drop-down.
    • Choose “Enabled“.
    • After enabling the flag on the computer, get a prompt to restart the launcher.
    • Tap on “Relaunch“ in Google Chrome browser.
    • Get a significant up-lift in downloading speed while downloading anything from Google Chrome.
  • Disable Google Chrome background run-
    • The disabling background may affect the sufficient speed of downloading/uploading.
    • Open Google Chrome window.
    • Tap on ‘three-dot‘ to click on the “Settings“ on the right-hand side.
    • Scroll down through the Chrome settings to tap on “Advanced“.
    • Change “Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed” under System to “Off“.
    • Change “Use hardware acceleration” similarly to “Off”.
    • Tap on “Relaunch” to relaunch Google Chrome.
    • Google Chrome browser gets restarted, thereby increasing the Downloading/ uploading speed on your computer.
  • Change network settings
    • Tap Windows key + r together to open Run.
    • Type inetcpl.cpl in it and tap OK.
    • Tap on the connections tab.
    • Press on LAN settings.
    • Ensure that it automatically detects settings to get it checked.
  • Disable Plugins
    • Plugins in Google Chrome are beneficial.
    • Sometimes they may slow down your Chrome.
    • So it is recommended to remove them if you are done with them.
    • To remove any extension, go to Settings -> Extensions. Untick the Enabled checkbox if you no more need a particular extension.
  • Use Data saver Extension
    • Data Saver is an excellent extension available in Google Chrome.
    • It helps in saving data consumption by Chrome.
    • It increases the browsing speed.
    • Add Data Saver extension to your Chrome to reduce data usage.
  • Disable Image Content
    • To boost the browsing speed can be done by disabling image content.
    • However, it might not be a nice experience.
    • But when you are more concentrated on the content than data and wish to have a faster browsing experience, try to disable the image content.
    • Enter chrome://chrome/settings/content in Chrome.
    • Under Images check the option Do not show images, tap on Done.
  • Clear Browsing Data Regularly
    • Browsers save browsing history, caches, log in details etc.
    • These may put load on the system.
    • It is better to clear them regularly.
    • To remove the browsing data in Google Chrome, head on to Settings -> History -> Clear browsing data.