How to Improve Your Team’s Efficiency by Using A Time Tracker


Project managers face a major challenge – namely to monitor the productivity and effectiveness of a team, without interfering or micromanaging. Essentially, who can accomplish excellent results if a superior is continually verifying the performance level? On the flipside, though, an organization that doesn’t monitor its efficiency level is likely to experience a drop in productivity – sooner or later.

This is why time tracking tools have been established – to allow project managers and companies to attain higher levels of efficiency. By using a simple timesheet app, you can gather significant amounts of information you can use for better planning, so that you can make more informed decisions.

Assessing Insights and Making Improvements, Where Needed

So, how can you use the data recorded by time tracking apps? For one thing, these apps monitor crucial information – they can reveal significant issues regarding the personnel and resources required for completing a project. At the same time, by filing a time tracking template, you can establish the reason why a team doesn’t meet the expectations.

Let’s look at an example: attendance tracking might indicate that due to the fact that employees are out sick regularly, the project goals aren’t reached. However, your focus shouldn’t necessarily be on pinpointing minor problems. Employees need to take short brakes every now and then, which could distract them. However, by assessing the data, you can come up with ways of organizing the projects in a more efficient manner.

For instance, employees could spend less time answering emails or responding to questions. On a different note, a time tracking app will also reveal the domains in which inefficiency has become a stressing concern.

Concentrate on What Matters Most

By pinpointing the amount of time needed for completing each task, time tracking enables you to assess your priorities. When you have a lot of things that need to be done in a relatively short timeframe, it is easy to lose focus.

However, time tracking allows you to prioritize more. Time should be dedicated to tasks that matter most. At the same time, carry in mind that people feel motivated to do their best when they are actually valued. By ensuring that each team member plays a quintessential part in the success part of the project, you will maximize the sense of achievement experienced by every member – which is interlinked with the motivation element.

Cope with a Balanced Workload

By using a time tracking app, you can also establish every team member’s capacity and skills. You can also determine who would need more help and assistance to get better, who can manage the most stressful tasks successfully, or who is likely to burnout. You can use this information in order to distribute the workload accordingly, so that your team feels motivated to do its best.

Technology is definitely a helpful tool – as long as it’s used correctly. This is why each business should take advantage of it – and one of the ways in which you can do that is by getting a time taking app. You’ll notice the improvements sooner than you expected – that is a guarantee.