How to get your kids to imagine more

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Imagination is the key to the future and the future starts now. Without imagination, life as we know it today would not be possible.  New innovations and technologies once started as a mere idea in the imagination of someone thinking outside the box. Imagination and creativity are essentially two sides of the same coin, and as such cannot be separated from each other. Imagination begins early in childhood, and must be developed in order to foster both the cognitive, and social development of a child.

Helping a child with the early development of their imagination will help them to better develop their critical thinking skills, as well as creative problem solving abilities. Through the use of imagination, a child learns to contemplate situations differently, while boosting their confidence and social interactions. The benefits of having a great imagination far exceed the negative aspects, so here are some ways that can help your kids to develop their imaginations, and better their chances at future success in this ever-changing world.

Activities That Will Get Your Kids to Imagine More

The following suggestions and activities will help your child to use their imagination to create, invent, and interpret the world around them, all while keeping them entertained and out of trouble.

  • Arts and Crafts Activities

Through arts and crafts a child is able to express themselves and their ideas in a fun and colorful way, all the while exercising and stretching their imaginations. Through painting, sculpting, drawing, coloring and other art forms, decisions and ideas are expressed and formed, at the same time developing critical motor and hand-eye coordination skills.

  • Inventing Scenarios 

Inventing scenarios allows a child to extend themselves into their imaginations, taking on numerous roles and characters in their made-up stories. Pretend playing will help them to develop social and verbal communication skills, encouraging them to really push the limits of their young and developing minds.

  • Spend Time Outside

Due to the ever-changing nature of nature, the opportunities for learning and discovery are endless. Not to mention the constant probing of questions as to the how, when, and why that nature brings with it. Spending time outdoors will prompt children to contemplate the changing environment, while helping to develop the creative aspects of mind development. Simply playing in the woods or even building a stick fort is ideal for the onset of creative genius.

  • Limit Screen Time

TVs, iPads, laptops, smartphone, and the like need to be limited regarding the amount of time a child spends staring at them. Although these devices are a great tool for passive learning, they do not encourage creativity and innovation, and as such the time spent on them should be limited. Furthermore, a child  profits by getting stimuli from all five senses rather than just two or three.

Exercising your child’s imagination is nothing short of one of the greatest gifts that you can give them. A healthy and active imagination will help them to better be suited to this day’s fast-paced and problem-riddled workforce, developing new and creative solutions for old problems, while keeping that inner child alive and well.