How To Get The Attention Of Your Prospects With Personalized Video Email Marketing

Video Marketing

If you are a company that is looking to acquire new customers, sending out cold emails to your target audience might come in handy. But often, these emails would end up in the spam or promotions tab.

To make sure that the people you want to reach out to are reading your emailer, you might need to add something extra to the communication you send out to them.

Personalizedvideo emailmarketing creates a person-to-person connection. It allows a potential customer to understand the offerings of the company through a visual medium, making it simpler to understand.

Moreover, since videos in emailers are not common, this is bound to stand out. Here are 9 reasons to make the most out of video emailers.

1. Get The Gears

The key to creating good visual content is using the correct techniques and equipment to ensure good video production quality. In your test phase, you do not need to invest in expensive gear but focus on the technique instead.

Using your phone camera, headphones and shooting at the right time of the day, along with some good editing, you will be able to churn out a video of comparably superior quality.

Based on the initial feedback that you receive from your emailing list, you can then invest in more high-quality equipment and better production tools to reach out to a larger audience base.

2. Hire Or Commission A Good Editor

Like we mentioned before, a decent video can be transformed into something incredible if you use the right editing software. Based on the budget, you can either hire a full-time editor or commission it to a freelancer.

Alternatively, you can also take an online course on a popularly used software like Adobe After Effects to hone your skills and do the job yourself. Even if you do not edit it yourself, as a business owner or marketing manager, this knowledge will come in handy!

3. Make Short & Engaging Videos

The reason why video emailers work better than their text counterparts hinges on the engagement factor. But a very long video might be counterproductive and bore your audience into scrolling through.

To avoid this predicament, ensure that your video is less than 90 seconds long but also has enough interesting bits to catch your viewer’s eye in the first 10 seconds.

Moreover, embed the video within the email and do not redirect your audience to a third-party site. The idea is to reduce their effort as much as possible and giving them the liberty to play it in the email, keeps their interest intact.

4. Get Your Team’s Opinion

It is difficult to be critical of your own creative work. And that is why you need to have a second opinion from trusted sources with a good knowledge of your brand.

Once your video is ready, send it out to your friends and employees to get their opinion. They will appreciate a good video, but their unbiased eyes might catch something that you could have missed out!

5. Have A Clear Script And A Plan Of Action

Making a sales pitch video is no child’s play. You need to be able to have a clear storyboard to ensure that you stick to the script and create something that is compelling.

Whether it is what you will say or how the final video will look like after editing, you need to have a game plan against which you can compare your finished product.

This is not to say that your storyboarding shouldn’t be flexible. It would provide you with a direction, and that is going to be helpful in the shooting as well as editing processes.

6. Include Customization In Your Visuals

Your email might include the potential client’s name right at the beginning, but using a customized thumbnail for each recipient will not only make them feel valued, but it also increases your credibility.

According to Vidyard, having a plain screen with the prospective client’s name improves their level of interest in your emailer. You can also have targeted information included in the video, which would be specifically relevant to one client or their company.

7. Use Infographics

Instead of a boring video of you or a representative of the company talking throughout the video, use graphs and interesting visual cues to represent your information.

For example, if you have to represent data points in the video, you can use dynamic pie charts and histograms to showcase these numbers. Moreover, if you have prominent clients, you can use their logos to showcase the kind of sectors that you already cater to!

Hippo is a useful tool in this regard and using this, you can create interesting visual presentations which would catch your audiences’ attention in a jiffy. 

8. Your CTA Should Be Crystal Clear

The end goal of sending this emailer could be anything – to acquire new customers, get them on board for a new product or get hired as a consultant. 

The reason for sending out this emailer should be clear at least at the end of it. For a successful conversion, you might need to include the CTA multiple times, but the key is to be consistent and clear.

For example, if your goal is to get people to sign up for a free trial, prompts like “Register Now!” should appear at least once in the copy of the emailer as well as in the video.

Additionally, having a compelling subject line can be a game-changer for you. Since it is the first touchpoint with a potential customer, you have to ensure that it is eyecatching and interesting from the word go!

9. Limit Your Text Content

The hero of your video emailer is – you guessed it right – the video. Therefore, keep the text part of the emailer short and crisp, all the while leading the recipient of the communication towards the video that you have put so much effort into!


Video is the future of all content in our world of short attention spans. Stay ahead of the tribe and get your company’s word out there with the help of cool, creative and informative video content that can get you noticed!