How to get Rose Bowl tickets

Rose Bowl tickets

All tickets and stopping during the current year’s Rose Bowl Tickets introduced by Capital One Venture X are solely portable as it were. Portable tagging further develops the fan insight at the Rose Bowl Stadium by making arena section contactless. The capacity to deal with your tickets from your cell phone gives a more helpful encounter, while definitely restricting the gamble of fake tickets.

Fans can get to and oversee tickets through the authority Rose Bowl Game Mobile App on Apple and Android gadgets, accessible for download by means of the App Store and Google Play.

At the point when in the authority Rose Bowl Game Mobile App, basically click on the ‘Tickets’ symbol at the lower part of your gadget, then tap the ‘Ticket Account Manager’ bar to sign in to your Ticketmaster Account utilizing your current email address and secret key mix.

Assuming that you bought your tickets through the Tournament of Roses Ticket Office or by means of our authority ticket accomplice, Ticketmaster, if it’s not too much trouble, allude to the data beneath on the most proficient method to access and view your tickets for game day, how to move your passes to different visitors, or how to exchange your game day tickets.

As an update, print-at-home tickets and self-made QR codes are not legitimate for the Rose Bowl Game. All portable/e-tickets are just substantial when checked on a web empowered gadget.

Instructions to TRANSFER:

We suggest sending your ticket(s) ahead of the game. Those getting a ticket move should have a record. On the off chance that the beneficiary doesn’t have a Ticketmaster account, they will be approached to make a Ticketmaster account while tolerating the ticket(s).

1. From the Rose Bowl Game Day application, tap on your occasion to see your ticket(s), then, at that point, tap TRANSFER.

2. Select the ticket(s) you might want to move, then, at that point, tap TRANSFER TO.

3. Enter your beneficiary’s data, tap TRANSFER TICKETS and you’re good to go. While moving tickets you’ll get two (2) messages: one affirming your ticket(s) have been sent and another when your beneficiary acknowledges the ticket(s) you sent. Your beneficiary will likewise get an email inciting them to acknowledge your tickets.