How to get into recommendations in Tik Tok if you are not popular in 5 minutes


One of the special sections in the TikTok application is called a recommendation. It is here that content related to interests is collected, the most interesting and popular video is shown. An algorithm is responsible for the selection of the video of interest, which automatically advises the user to different videos.

I will tell you how to get into the TikTok recommendations and become popular in 5 minutes, how to quickly gain an audience and attract the attention of users, what to do to get a lot of likes and comments for the video and how to buy tiktok followers.

Use my tips, they will help you become popular and give you the opportunity to get into the recommendations of a well-known social network designed for creating short videos.

10 methods for getting into TikTok recommendations in 5 minutes

If your goal is to get into the rivers of TikTok and gain recognition from a wide audience of subscribers, carefully study each tip. All methods are effective and efficient.

1. Carefully study directions, fashion trends

Be sure to check out the popular Tik Tok videos and gain likes. They appear in the recommendations (how to become popular in other countries). That is, we pay attention to what attracts the target audience. And we are trying to create a video in a similar direction. If viewers are interested in the video, there will be a chance that it will be willingly promoted and recommended to other users of the social network.

2. Choosing a convenient time for posting

We post the video at the right time. Add 3-4 clips per week. Pay attention to which of the videos and at what hours attracted the most attention. If the greatest activity was recorded at 19.00, try to add new videos at this time. Your target audience is most active during the evening hours.

3. Create quality content

Perhaps this method will seem trivial to someone, but I think that it is not. Many novice TikTokers neglect the offered advice, and as a result, they fail to become popular, they are not interesting.

But high-quality, interesting content will gain many likes, views and enthusiastic comments.

It is worth noting that a high-quality video is not a video shot with an expensive video camera, but a clip that will be able to evoke real sincere emotions in the viewer.

4. Wind up likes, comments, followers

Paid and free sites can help with this. The most popular platform is TiktokRush – a paid service that can be used to boost likes on tiktok and followers on social networks;

The platform is legal and guarantees fair actions so that the user is not blocked.

5. Comment on posts

An important point in the desire to promote your profile and get into the recommendations. Don’t forget to comment on other people’s videos. At the same time, do not write platitudes, the words should be meaningful, interesting, catchy, so that those who read the comment have a desire to go to your profile and subscribe.

6. Call to action

In each video, include a call to action such as:


Write comments!

Do not skimp on the likes!

It seems that the simplest call can encourage action, and this is the right way to recommend. Ask viewers for likes and comments, and don’t forget to respond.

7. Publish videos more often

Do not forget about your account, regularly visit the created page and add new bright videos. Schedule your clips to publish and stay on track. Publish 4-5 videos every week, actively promote them to get featured and interest the public.

8. Using filters, effects

Another important detail for creating an overall video experience. Effects and filters can be added when the clip is loaded. Correctly selected effects increase the chances of attracting the attention of the target audience to the video. People love unusual features, something original, not like the rest.

9. Use a Tik Tok new video editor for business accounts

Tik Tok advertisers have their own new video editor. It is called from, oddly enough, TikTok Video Editor. its main functionality is to create native video ads right in the app. the tool is designed to facilitate the process of creating promo videos.

How to open and see the work of the editor:

1. Go to the ad account

2. Select the item Active – Creative – Create – TikTok Video Editor.

3. Next, you choose music, text sticker, transitions and visual effect.

4. At the end, you can remove unwanted items from the video and launch it into the target.

TikTok has a limited set of advertising tools, but it was in early 2020. Now, a year later, a large number of official tools have appeared in the advertising office. Also, a lot of resources near Tiktok were launched, advertising exchanges and promotion services, for every taste and wallet.

10. Communicate with people

It’s no secret that TikTok users actively comment on various videos. Therefore, we pay attention to the reaction of the public, we answer all questions, as politely and with humor as possible. Such actions stimulate people to write more comments, make them want to communicate. Do not forget, the more comments the video calls, the more likely it is that

it will get into the comments. Communication is the path to success.

Shoot a video that is interesting, funny, capable of evoking emotions

All ingenious is simple. If you want to get into the recommendations – saddle cool, driving, awesome content. If the video is emotional, it means that it will definitely be remembered.

Shoot small entertaining sketches with original plots, dance, sing karaoke, create unusual videos with a slow mo effect, review your purchases, shoot makeup instructions, how to choose a wardrobe, video tutorials, and more. The main thing is to get into the recommendations of TikTok with your video. Don’t do it like everyone else, do it better to reach and attract as many stakeholders as possible and achieve success.

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