How to get better Wi-Fi connectivity and boost signal?


We donít think how bad our Wi-Fi connection is until and unless it stops our favorite movies from streaming. Think about a time when you had to make an urgent submission but your files would go slow. Think of times when you couldnít upload your files on cloud. The worst experience is probably finding the web browser spinning but not loading the page you want.

There are millions of people connecting mobile phones to Wi-Fi hotspots all across the globe. It shows that more and more people want better Wi-Fi speed and stream videos quickly. We all want to upload files, download document, and transfer data quickly.

You need to get the best wifi USB adapter and the process is explained here in details. You need to understand the importance of having a good internet connection to boost the wireless signal.

Below, we have added some aspects you need to consider when planning to change to a better Wi-Fi connection:

  1. Speed

The latest Wi-Fi technology offers data quicker than the older versions. They have a faster connection and give you speed.

  1. Capacity

The latest routers let you have access to more data through several devices. These have more capacity as well.

  1. Coverage

Wi-Fi speed is like a piece of a puzzle, while the coverage is another side. You wish your router offered more speed at a greater distance. The new models have better coverage and can offer signals for big houses.

When you have a strong Wi-Fi, you spend less time streaming through what you wish to see. You get to play games faster and watch movies without any hindrance. You can load heavy applications quickly and also get better image quality.

Why are some Wi-Fi slow?

If you are still reading this article, the text is definitely relevant to you! Most of us have slow Wi-Fi connections and often donít know what to do. There are plenty of physical barriers like walls, floors, and wireless signals, and they disrupt the connection. The distance between the router and your operating device can also disrupt the connection. Simple things like adjusting height can also leave an impact on the performance.

You need to speak to your service provider to understand what you are paying for. There are usually different plans set by every service provider. If you are paying for a network that is really slow, you might want to change your package. Choose an option that fits into your connectivity need. Three significant things that leave an impact on the network are the placement of router, technology, and devices you connect the router too.

How to boost Wi-Fi speed?

The following points will help you know some easy hacks to have a better connection:

  1. Place router in an open place

Wi-Fi is only a wireless connection that helps you add speed to your network. However, there are obstacles that can come between a sound network and the connectivity. The walls, ceilings, floors, and even electronic interference is a problem. All these aspects slow down the speed of Wi-Fi.

To get the best signal, you must put the router out in the open. You can keep it on the main floor of the house and away from obstructions. The ideal place to keep the product is above the furniture and on the ground floor. You need to keep it away from other electronic devices so that there are no hindrances. When it comes to products like baby monitors, microwaves, cordless phones, and so on, you need to keep them away from the router.

  1. Follow latest trends

It is essential that you consider the latest Wi-Fi technologies because they can speed up your network like none other. The latest versions are three times faster and transfer data within a few minutes. You can find your laptop send files as large as 2GB within ten minutes or less. A good Wi-Fi not only caters to the house but also places around. You will be able to grab the network while youíre parking the car. You need to choose a good Wi-Fi router and make sure it lives up to your need.

  1. Reduce devices and optimizes features

The latest Wi-Fi technologies have more to offer in terms of playing games, having video conferences, streaming videos, and more. These actions take a lot of bandwidth and slow down the internet network. When you can operate these without any problem, you will know that your Wi-Fi is working well. Many times, you might wish to have more speed. For example, designers who need to create large artworks will need a great device along with a good internet connection. You need to look for a product that offers more of features but isnít just a large object taking up space.

These were some of the ways you can improve your Wi-Fi network. Make sure you choose the right product that delivers quality network usage.