How to Free up Disk Space with Outbyte PC Repair

PC Repair

I started experiencing some PC performance issues a few days ago, my computer was unusually slow to respond and began overheating quite fast. I did some research on the web and it turned out that the performance issues could have been caused by the lack of free space and unnecessary files and apps on my PC. I looked up how much space was still left on my drive and saw that almost all of it was used up.

Due to being burdened with work, it was too time-consuming for me to fix these issues manually. Besides, I was aware that after using the default Windows Uninstaller some files leftovers may still remain on the drive. So, I decided to find and use a reliable PC optimizer to identify and solve all the problems without having to go through the process myself.

After searching for effective PC optimizers available on the market, I chose Outbyte PC Repair because of its easy-to-use features.

Outbyte PC Repair Functionality

The program is available for Windows – 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP and can be used for the following purposes:

  • Scanning and diagnosing your system
  • Removing junk files and uninstalling unnecessary programs
  • Restoring the system’s privacy and security
  • Improving computer speed and battery life

Additionally, it has the functionality to improve your protection from ID theft as well as unwanted programs and files.

All those functions were a pleasant surprise to me, but my primary goal was to remove junk from my computer. So, I decided to stay focused on deleting the unnecessary files from the hard drive and decluttering the desktop by removing unused apps from my PC.

Below, I will explain the process for those who want to get rid of junk files on their computer quickly and safely.

1.   Install Outbyte PC Repair

  • Visit their official site.
  • Click on the “download now” button.
  • Follow on-screen instructions for installation.

After installation, the scan will start automatically.

2.   Clean out junk files – Disk space

After scanning, my primary focus was to make my computer faster by removing junk files, so for the time being, I neglected all other options on the side menu and clicked on the “Disk space” feature. I selected the “activate and repair” option to resolve the detected issues.

As per my estimation, it did not take more than 3 minutes for the program to go through all the issues that it managed to detect. In between, I was asked to close my browser, so the software could clean its cache and cookies. Next, I needed to reboot my PC to complete the process.

Once the reboot was finished, I was able to notice moderate improvements in performance and overall response time which was just what I was hoping for.

3.   Outbyte PC Repair uninstaller feature

After removing junk files I decided to use the “Uninstaller” feature in order to delete unnecessary apps and programs from my PC and free up some additional space on it.

The feature displays all the apps installed on your computer along with the “uninstall” option for each of them. The software removed every bit associated with the uninstalled applications which was nice to see.

Just like other processes, it was quick and effortless to perform.


Benefits of using Outbyte PC Repair:

  • The tool solved the issues that concerned me and improved my computer’s performance.
  • It removed almost 18 GB of junk files that were taking up valuable space on my PC.
  • The software was fast to operate, intuitive, and easy to use.


  • As I was using a free version, I was not able to analyze the repair summary.

Outbyte PC Repair proved to be a perfect option for me as it made my PC faster and removed all unnecessary files from my computer. I enjoyed the process because it was straightforward and easy. You do not have to be tech-savvy to use this program and can achieve a desirable result with a few clicks without having to waste your time figuring out how to solve problems that bother you.