How to Find People on OnlyFans


OnlyFans is a social media platform that has gotten the world by a swing in the last couple of years. From influencers to celebrities, pop stars, and porn stars, everybody found their place under the sky and started creating content for the fans.

Even though people mainly consider the platform as a safe space for sharing adult and explicit content, you can find anything. From cooking tips, DIY tutorials, makeup, fashion tips, science, etc., everything you could think of.

If you’ve ever wondered whether you can keep your favorite OF accounts by hand and search easily within the platform, then let us help you with the answer and guide you through finding people there.

Find People By Username

For reference, the process is pretty straightforward if you want to try out the search method by username. Let’s say you want to find the hottest OnlyFans girls, and you know their names.

First, you’ll open a web browser, navigate to the official OF site, and at the end of the URL https://onlyfans.com/username, you will replace the “username” keyword with the content creator’s username.

Find People Without a Username

Previously we’ve discussed how to find people on OnlyFans using a username. And in this section, we’ll focus on how to find them without a username. What happens if you don’t know the person’s username but are still eager to find them on the platform?

That’s when you’ll use the rest of the social media channels and put your research skills into practice. Many content creators have profiles on other platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

These creators usually use these platforms to promote their OF content and encourage their fans and followers to subscribe to OF. Usually, the link to their OF is inserted in the bio description in their Instagram profile, connected to the link buttons on TikTok, or straight promoted in a story on each platform.

Another case scenario is that the OF creators could use short snippets of their videos for promotion on other platforms like Facebook or do a video montage on Instagram Reels. This way, a link to their OF account will be provided in the video’s description.

Thus, other social media platforms should be the first to look for clues about your favorite OnlyFans creators if you don’t know their username, email address, or alias.

Find People by Email

You might not be familiar with this method, but it’s possible to find an OF account by searching for their email address. You could create a new account using their email address (although we do not recommend doing this). If an account already exists in the database, you’ll get a warning that they already have a profile registered with that email.

However, suppose the email has been accepted during the registration process, and you can create an account. In that case, it means they are not using such an email address, the person is not on OF, or they have created an account with a different email.

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Find by Real Name

As easy as it may sound, searching for someone with their real name can be challenging. And you might wonder why? Well, the thing is that many people can have the same first and last name. Can you imagine how many people are called John Smith? Or Karen Noble?

But not to worry! We have the perfect solution for you. You could use searching tools like OnlyFinder that will help you find profiles. You must type the creator’s name and check out the profile from the list.

And if you don’t know the exact username of a certain content creator, you can use the built-in search bar in OnlyFans. You just need to navigate to OF, sign in to your account, click on the “Search” button on the right side of the monitor, type in some probable username, and click “Enter.”

The search engine will generate some results where you can identify the person you’ve been searching for. Make sure to know additional details about this person, like an alias, profile picture, or anything that can help you recognize their profile in the result list.

Find People by Location

Another cool searching method is finding people by location. You can use the location features to search for OF creators in that area. OF requires its creators to share their location, so it will be easier to find someone that way.

Start Searching!

Hopefully, we’ve helped you out with this information about the multiple ways you can search for people on OnlyFans. Now, it’s time for you to put these skills into practice and start searching for your favorite content creators.