How To Fax From A Computer

Faxes started in the early 1980s. The fax trend has been significantly reduced due to the high availability of numerous technological devices that give instant services to all. Gmail, Google Drives, Microsoft drive, and additional cloud services have substituted the option of fax.

The fax system is used in the current era also but not with that pace as fax was used in its earlier decades. It has become too comfortable, simple, and instant to transfer messages from one machine to another. Some modest businesses, government offices, and businesses use fax to accommodate the data. The new developing technologies like Gmail and Google Drives enable us to transmit faxes online to one or more recipients.

Using a Fax Modem on Windows

Check that you have the correct equipment; otherwise, you won’t send a fax from your computer. You’ll need a USB fax modem and an active phone line to send a fax using your computer.Connect the phone line to the computer. Plug the USB fax modem into the computer’s USB ports and connect the phone line to the fax modem’s port.Stop using the landline until fax has been sent and received.Open Start. Tap the Windows logo on the bottom-left edge of the screen.Open Windows Fax and Scan.Tap New Fax on the top-left edge of the window.Tap Connect to a fax modem when prompted at the top of a pop-up menu.Confirm the decision by clicking OK before proceeding.Enter the recipient’s fax number by typing the number into the “To” text box near the top of the window.Transcribe a subject in the “Subject” text box for the fax.Create a fax text into the main window.You can append an existing file like a photo or a document to the fax by clicking the paperclip icon to select the file and tapping OK.Tap Send on the upper-left edge of the “New Fax” window to prompt the fax to send to the fax machine mentioned in the “To” section.

Using a Fax Modem on Mac

Connect to the fax modem. macOS Sierra (and up) computers don’t recommend printing from fax modems. You’ll need to use a printer that supports faxing and an active phone line.Ensure that the printer is turned on and connected to Mac; otherwise, it won’t be able to receive your fax request.The printer must be connected to the phone line.It is necessary to avoid using the landline until the fax has been sent and received.This method will work while printing wirelessly or via a USB cable.Open the document that is to be faxed.Find a document to fax, then double-tap it to open it.A document can be created by opening a program like TextEdit or Word to create a fax text before proceeding.Tap File in the upper-left edge of the screen. Tapping it prompts a drop-down menu.Tap Print in the File drop-down menu to open the Print window.Tap the “PDF” drop-down box in the lower-left side of the window for a drop-down menu to appear.Tap Fax PDF is in the drop-down menu.Select a printer. Tap the “Printer” drop-down menu to tap on the printer’s name in the menu.Enter the fax number for the recipient’s fax machine into the “To” text box.Add a cover page by checking the “Use cover page” box.Type in the cover page’s contents in the main text field for entering a subject in the “Subject” text field.Tap Fax lying near the bottom to send the fax to the machine listed in the “To” text box.

Follow the above-given set of steps to send a fax from the computer.

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