How To Fake a Fever? Unpretentious Ways


How to fake a fever when you do not have one? It is straightforward to get a fever. Feverish excuses are pretty standard for kids or students who crave to take a day or two off and idle time with themselves.

It’s just that you want to persuade your parents that you are sick to enable you to get leave from your school.

Generally, people are inclined to fake fever due to the following purposes:

  • Kids and students earn up feverish explanations to take off from school or high school.
  • People working in the office usually manage to fake fever so that they can choose the day off.
  • Sometimes all you require to do is to waste time only with yourself.

As we can understand, there are many motives why you might want to have a fake fever. Although you can nevermore fake a fever in prevailing, you can permanently alter the fever symptoms to fool people into accepting you have a fever.

What are the indications of fever that you can fake?

The traits include

  • Frequent sneezing
  • High body temperature
  • Persistent sweating and headache
  • Cold and cough
  • Low energy and runny nose

1. Fake a fever with garlic

It is a reasonably common method and one of the most straightforward ways to fake a fever and boost your body heat. All you require is garlic cloves or minced garlic. First, cut the garlic clove in half, or if you are applying minced garlic, then a teaspoon is sufficient.

Put minced garlic or garlic cloves beneath your armpits for 6-7 hours. It serves best if you can hold garlic before bedtime and need to fake fever the following day. If you believe 7 hours is too much for you, you can execute it for 3 hours.

It increases your body temperature, and your thermometer expressions show a high body temperature. The garlic pits below your armpits swell up, and as a consequence, the body temperature rises. Your body automatically creates a feverish passion for fighting this inflammation in your pits.


  • Ensure not to overdo it, as the temperature will rise.

2. Fake a fever with onions

Yes, you heard it right. Onion helps in increasing your body temperature. The process is straightforward as you only need one onion. Cut the onion into four slices. Put the onion slices beneath your armpits and hold them for 5-6 hours. It is most helpful if you can do this before resting.


  • Rise in front of your parents and discard any pieces of evidence
  • Sip warm water to maintain the heat in your mouth

3. Fake body heat using hot water

Take one cup of hot water. Set on the thermometer and slide the tip of the thermometer into the hot water. Then take your body temperature. It helps you to raise the thermometer almost instantaneously. It usually appears when you are submerging the thermometer in hot water and reducing the readings.


  • Do this just before you confirm your fever because the temperature reading will go below very quickly
  • Do not submerge the end of the thermometer for further than 3-4 minutes
  • Don’t absorb it for too long, as it will provide crazy results.

4. Using the blanket ultimately will increase your temperature.

Try this process with 2-3 blankets. The higher the number of sheets, the better outcomes you will receive. Ensure you don’t choke. Relax and sleep with as many blankets as possible at night. Try not to turn on the fan that night. It will cause heavy sweating and increase your body temperature. When you wake up the following day, cover your face with a blanket and exhale. Rub the veil over your face, warm your face, and help you improve a fever-like feeling.


  • Remember to get up in the presence of your parents and take out the spare blanket
  • Your parents accept a thermometer to monitor your body temperature

5. Get yourself vomit, which serves as a symbol of not feeling well

Well, seldom; just raising your body temperature will work as a symptom of fever. You can also imagine vomiting if you want to verify you are sicker than you are. Continue to your bathroom and try to vomit by leaving the bathroom door open. Here are some easy ways you can get yourself vomit. Forced vomiting will be accepted as proof to your parents that you are ill.


  • Do this after reducing the body temperature as it will work as further proof.

Adding Symptoms

Tell you’re cold, not hot. People with a fever usually feel cold, even though their skin is hot to the touch. If someone happens to check on you, ensure you’re under the sheets or are wearing warm clothes. Show them you’re cold and think you hold a fever. They might advise you not to utilize so many blankets, so you chill down a bit. Describe to them you’re feeling too cold. They might remove the blanket off of you. When they do, lament about it being too cold.

Act like you’re tired. If you need to fake a fever, you can’t be hopping around like you feel good. It would help if you moved your feet and seemed like you didn’t have any energy. For example:

  • When you’re lying down, lean upon your arm, you can keep your head up.
  • If you’re standing, allow your body to slump forward. You can even sink to the side and stumble a bit.
  • Try reducing your gaze so that your eyes are partly closed to make them seem as if they’re too heavy to open fully.

Imagine that you don’t have an appetite. Another indication of a fever is a loss of appetite. If someone questions if they can make you anything, don’t request a hamburger and fries! Instead, demand for tea, water, or juice. Save the snacking for when you’re all single, or ask for something easy, like toast or soup.

Sniffle, sneeze, or cough for faking a cold. Cold values often go hand in hand with a fever so that you could add a few sniffles, a sneeze, or a cough to your act. Then, spend and scatter some muscles around your bed or room to create it look more believable.

Fake a headache or stomachache rather than a cold. If you aren’t sure about faking cold symptoms, lament either a headache or a stomachache instead. Hold the part of your body that you say doesn’t seem reasonable. If you play to have a stomachache, run to the bathroom and wait longer than usual before getting back out. 

Please don’t overdo it. Your act should be genuine, not dramatic and incredible. Add only 1 or 2 signs to the “fever,” and don’t seem as though you are falling from a mystery illness. If you get it too far, the person could either recognize you’re faking or understand the act and need to drive you to the doctor.

I am sure, this will open your thoughts to make your fever look more real 🙂