How to face the infidelity


Facing the infidelity of your partner, if you canít divide it, how much hope you can really get better. Many people face a choice when they discover that their partner is cheating. Anticipation such as using special tools like an SMS tracker might help but not in the long run. Anyway, if you want to get more info about the tracker you can visit http://smstrackers.com/.

The range of infidelity is very large, mental or physical, and the specific situation each person faces is different:

Maybe it’s an ambiguous chat between a partner and a colleague, or a broken connection with a predecessor, or an entanglement with other people, or a long-term relationship with reality.

Either way, you feel a huge threat.

In fact, when they found me, they had asked many people around them before. People around them will also give them different suggestions or advice from different angles. They tend to hear countless versions of pros and cons analysis, rational, emotional, pessimistic, optimistic, lenient, and severely punished …

However, they will still fall into a deep entanglement, swinging back and forth between two different choices, I do not know what is good, not sure which way can lead to a happy future.

When such a thing happens, there is actually only one core at the heart of the problem. The choice I made, I hope to get a sense of certainty.

This certainty is reflected in two aspects:

– If I really forgive, how can I guarantee that such a thing will not happen again.

– If I choose to break up, how can I ensure that such a thing will not happen again in the next relationship.

After discovering infidelity, the two choices people face do have challenges.

Whether you stay in the original marriage or face a completely strange life alone, you need the same thing-a sense of strength in your heart. Facing the unknown life alone requires strength, and forgiving each other to regain trust also requires strength.

If you havenít felt safe enough and lacked strength before, you havenít realized it, and you havenít faced it directly, but you are expecting another person in the close relationship to bring you a sense of security.

However, in the end, it was found that any homework of life, if it did not pass, it would not pass, it will be presented in your life, and it is impossible to bypass or escape. No matter whether you choose to stay or leave, there is no way to face the uncertain unknown, and there is no way to avoid the homework you need to face.

When intimate relationships face the challenge of loyalty, people will have such a strong emotional response, because this level of events will directly point to our core homework.

When a person emerges and divides your partner’s time, attention, and emotions, the inner old theme that is actually the more hidden core under anger and injury is hooked out.

    Abandoned (I am not worthy of being loved)
    Being isolated (I donít belong here)
    Being neglected (I am not important)
    Being compared (I am not good enough)
    Being plundered (I am scarce)

These feelings also provide a very important clue about yourself. All along, in the depths of consciousness, you are low-value and low-power, and in the past you did not have the ability to “make blood”, but rely on your partner to help yourself “Blood supply”.

To rebuild your “blood-making” ability, you must break down all your previous beliefs and obsessions in intimate relationships and bind your value to a specific relationship. This reconstruction is new life and the reconstruction of a new world.

I know this is not easy, but it does not mean it cannot be done. In fact, many people have already done it, I have done it, and I have thousands of readers and students. If so many people can do it, I believe you can too. Good luck!