How To Extend Your MacBookís Life Expectancy

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If you have just bought yourself a brand new Macbook (or even a second-hand one but brand new for you), you would probably like to use it for a long while. Itís true that macs usually can live longer than other personal computers. If you want it to be your case as well, you have to remember about a few things.

Keep it Clean & Cool

When your computer is clean and well, it runs at lower internal temperatures. Itís good to get your Mac open from time to time to clean out the dust and check if everything works as it should. Not every Macbook can be easily opened so do your research before getting to work.

Then, remember to never place it on pillows or other materials that can block the airflow. Overheating is extremely dangerous to any electronic devices.

Keep it Healthy

Macbooks systems may be much safer from threats than Windows but theyíre not invulnerable. Getting a mac virus is still possible and can do a lot of damage to your computer so make sure you have good anti-virus software and you run scans regularly.

Keep it Maintained

Disk Utility on Macbooks includes something called a Disk First Aid and it can help you find and repair problems before they start impacting your computerís work and doing damage. Donít forget about it to ensure the safety and high performance of your Mac. The other thing to remember is Safe Mode, a boot environment to run tests and delete potential problems.

Keep it Updated

Apple programmers are constantly working to make your system safer, smoother, better, but you have to allow them to help you. Even if youíre 100% satisfied with the system version youíre operating on right now, donít ignore notifications about an upgrade.

And to know more about digital threats and the way to protect yourself from them, check out this infographic: