How to Extend The Life of Your iPhone & iPad?

iphone and ipad

Apple produces high-quality devices that have the capability of lasting for years. But wear and tear is still an issue, and eventually, all electronics will see their demise. Yet, by taking some precautionary measures, your device could be kept alive longer, and you can get the most of the money spent on it. Below are the steps that will help you in doing so:

Get a screen protector.

The majority of people think that a screen protector is not necessary. Your screen may not be scratched or visibly damaged in any way without one. But the constant tapping on stroking of your Apple device does we are down the inside parts over some time. The screen protector observes up to 50% of this impact.

  • You should replace the screen protector at least once a year.
  • Mobile phone dealers will install them if you need help installing them.

Use only Apple branded or approved charges.

You should avoid using charges that are purchased for lower prices by non-Apple retailers online.

Use an apple branded or approved cover

A cover will help absorbing falls and bumps that are an inevitable part of life. Many different companies make covers, and many of them have quite beautiful and often interesting features. But they lack the same advantages. Check out here for the best iPhone 11 cases and iPhone 12 cases.

As iPhone 11 and 12 are among the most innovative technologies that mobile phones have had for the last many years. Stylish, elegant, and filled with amazing features, accouterments, cases, the iPhone is considered as a fashion statement by many. Not surprisingly, Apple is the favorite choice among the majority of people worldwide.

Please turn off your device while you are not using it.

It helps in extending the life of the device.

  • For iPhones, you should turn the device off at night while you are asleep. It would help if you kept it powered down 33% when you don’t require it, and it could interpret into up to 33% longer life.
  • Probably a user will use an iPad even less than an iPhone. Since the iPad does not receive calls, it does not need to be on all the time. It could be powered down at least 50% of the time, if not much longer.

Do not charge your Apple device 100%.

When your device is 100% charged, pull out the plug immediately.

To be on the safe side, you should charge up to 90 something %, then pull out the plug. There is not quite a difference between 97% and 100% battery.

Avoid making overnight the time for charging the upload device. Charge it at other times of day, such as during the evening before you sleep. If you turn off the phone, then you will have a freshly charged battery in the morning.

Close all apps every 2-3 days.

You can do this by double-clicking the home button, and all the open apps will appear. Hold down one of the free apps for a few seconds, and they all will wiggle. Then tap the symbol on each application that you want to close.

Stay updated on software updates.

Apple routinely issues a software update for fixing bugs and improving overall performance besides introducing new features. Installing these updates will keep your iPad and iPhone operating system faster, sleeker, and more secure.

You can turn on the automatic updates option in settings>general>software update>automatic updates and then sliding the switch on the on position. Any time Apple releases a new iOS update, your iPad or iPhone will automatically download and install it overnight.

If you require more control over when your iPad updates, you can also perform the updating procedure manually by going to settings>general>software update and then following the prompts.

Add keyboard and trackpad combo to your iPad.

If you have accidentally cracked your iPad screen or has started to show signs of slowing down to touch interactions, you can switch to a keyboard and trackpad. As long as your iPad is operating on iPad OS 13.5, you will be able in using a trackpad just like you would on a traditional computer for clicking on things.

  • Even if your iPad display is not giving you any issues, sometimes adding an accessory, particularly one like a keyboard back centrally, changes how you can use the device to make you feel like you have a brand new tablet and convince you that it will make you feel like you have a brand new tablet does not require to be replaced.
  • You must get used to the new trackpad gestures, but you will feel like you are using a full-fledged computer after that.
  • If you have the new iPad Pro the magic keyboard is the best keyboard trackpad combo you can get.

Here are some things you can try to cope with battery issues.

The longer you own and use any gadget that has a battery inside it, the more problems you will be having with battery life. We have different tips and tricks, including adjusting your display brightness, disabling any unnecessary connections, and limiting which apps are refreshing in the background. If these don’t work for you, here are some more suggestions you can try.

According to Apple, your iPad battery will perform the best if you avoid using it in extremely cold or hot environments. Specifically, any more desirable than 95 degrees Fahrenheit can do serious damage to the battery of your device. Other than using it in the background, a temperature lower than 32 degrees Fahrenheit will significantly e temporarily decrease your battery life. So so instead of reading a book on your iPad in the park on a hot summer day, maybe it’s best to enjoy the scenery and find an old-school book.

If you are planning to store your iPad for a few weeks or longer, don’t fully charge the battery before doing so. Apple claims that you should set the iPad battery up to 50% and turn it off. It would help if you then charge it back to 50% every six months.