How To Explain The Covid-19 Pandemic To Your Children?



As adults, every time we hear a piece of distressing news about the Coronavirus pandemic, we get seriously affected.

Have you ever paused and taken a moment to understand what happens to kids who hear similar news and are not able to process the same as well as adults can?

There is no doubt that the pandemic has taken a lot of lives and caused widespread destruction at multiple levels. Perhaps in living memory, this has been the most severe challenge faced by the human race ever.

While you need to keep yourself informed and aware of the various aspects of the pandemic, you also need to protect your kids against the adverse effects of the same.

In this article, we talk to leading child psychologists and health experts and ask them about how parents can talk about the pandemic with their kids.

Explaining the Coronavirus Pandemic to Kids: Where to begin?

According to child counsellors, a good starting point would be to make the kids understand the Covid-19 virus from an illness viewpoint. They know who cold, cough, fever, etc. work. Stating that the pandemic is a severe form of the same is a good starting point.

It is important that conversations around the issue take place at a time and place, which they are comfortable. During dinner time can be a good time to talk.

You need to understand that their own routines have become severely compromised and that they are entitled to ask answers for the same. Look at how WHO, CDC, UNICEF, and other reputed bodies focus on facts and correct information for communication purposes.

Why you should explain the Pandemic to your Children?

It is important to explain and make your kids understand about the pandemic because of the following reasons-

  1. For Safety-

Kids should know that the infection is dangerous and that they should follow all the safety protocols. This means using face masks, sanitizers, and other checks, as has been directed by the authorities. If you do not tell them how serious it is, they will never follow the safety norms.

  1. Counter Misinformation-

More than factually right information, there are tons of misinformation campaigns being spread. You do not want your kids to read something online that is totally unscientific and not backed by facts. This is why parents should ensure that they pass on accurate information.

  1. Better Mental Health-

With so much uncertainty, fear, negativity, issues, and problems regarding mental health can arise. It is important that parents recognize whether there is an issue or not and address the same. Taking help from child counselling services in Singapore can help in this regard.

Patience is the Key for Parents explaining the Pandemic to kids

If you have kids that are of a curious bent of mind, they will be asking a lot of questions. As parents, we ourselves are burdened with remote working, additional responsibilities of the home, and ten other different things.

However, the need of the hour is to be patient when it comes to explaining the pandemic to your kids. They will have questions and you should be prepared to answer them. This will help in eliminating their doubts and fill up the void, which is likely to be filled up with misinformation.

It will also make them feel more secure and confident about being safe in their homes and share some of their fears, threats, and doubts. In other words, it will help in improving the bond between parents and kids.

The Final Word

It is important that parents spend as much time as possible with their kids. This includes taking time out from their routines and engaging in fun games and activities. Sticking to a routine is essential as it would help in keeping the kids distracted. Lastly, the atmosphere of the home should be positive and negativity and blames should not have any place.