How to Expand Your B2B Marketing Email List

B2B Marketing Email List

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective online lead generation tools for B2B businesses. The Direct Marketing Association has recently stated that email marketing generates an average ROI of $1: $45. Itís a crucial component of growing marketing and sales campaigns.

Itís tough for a businessís marketing email list to grow because marketers often donít know where to find potential leads.

Take a look at these practical ways to start or grow a B2B email-marketing list.

The Benefits of Email Marketing

As a marketing professional, you are aware of the many advantages of email marketing. Not only does it deliver a high ROI, but email marketing also:

  • Reaches an already engaged audience
  • Is low cost
  • Is easy to measure
  • And more

The trick is to keep reaching out to more and more audiences so your products and services can thrive within a broad range of people.

Work with a Website User identification Company

Did you know that 98% of website visitors leave without converting? Work with the right website user identification company and learn from the industry leader Visitor Queue ó a company that generates leads for businesses of all sorts.

Partnering with your Google Analytics account, this website user identification company collects essential information such as company name, employee count, industry, employee titles, and email addresses.

You can then export this information and add the applicable roles to your B2B email marketing lists.

 Utilize Your Existing Clients

Most likely, you and your team administer a CRM or some Excel spreadsheet that holds all of your existing clients and their email addresses.

This is a great place to begin collecting emails and where youíll get the most bang for your buck.

These people already know about your company and industry, and in most cases, theyíre delighted to receive value-added content in the emails.

Engage Visitors with Games and Quizzes

Marketing professionals are getting sneaky. One trending way to collect emails for your marketing list is to provide website visitors with a quiz or a game that they can engage with directly on your website.

The only catch is that theyíll need to provide their email to receive their results.

Communicate with Live Chat

Live chat services are gaining popularity and can be found on almost any website that offers consumer goods and services.

Before someone starting a live chat on your site, ask that they provide you with a legitimate email address. This helps your team to follow up if the visitor gets disconnected and, it also provides you with an email to utilize in your email marketing campaigns.

Donít miss out on potential sales opportunities by not reaching your full target audience with email marketing!

Work with a website user identification company, dust off that old CRM and reach out to your already existing and loyal customers, and engage with website visitors directly on your site to attain the information and email addresses you need to reach your campaign goals.