How To Enable Email And Chat Desktop Notifications For Gmail In Chrome Browser

Google company has launched Google cloud print two days before that allows you to take connect your printer with this service and let you print documents from you smart phones. If you haven’t heard about that, check our article on how to add printer with Google cloud print and start printing from your smart phones.

It seems that Google making hard efforts to make user experience much better than ever before by launching services like Google cloud print and Chrome web apps. And now, Google turned their mind on Gmail by introducing cool features of chat and Email desktop notifications for Gmail in Google Chrome browser.

This new feature turns Chrome browser into a desktop notifier for your Gmail activities like it will pop-up a notification every time you get a new Email or new chat message. You can also fix your email deliverability issues at Folderly. When you click the notification it will open up the new mail in the new window or re-direct you back to your Gmail tab. It will also worked even if the browser is minimized or in the background.

This article will focus on how to enable Email and chat desktop notifications for Gmail in Chrome browser.

To turn Email and chat desktop notifications for your Gmail, click on settings link in the top right corner of Gmail windows and scroll down to find “Desktop Notifications” section.

You can click on setting what you want to get notified for : as you can see you can enable chat notifications or new mail notifications or you can enable notifications for Priority Inbox to get notified for important messages. By default, chat notifications are enabled by default and you can disable them if you want from here only.

You will get pop-up notifications for Email and chat as shown below in the image. Clicking on them will re-direct you to your open Gmail tab or open a new window if its not already open (when new mail arrives).

You can also change the way notifications work by clicking the wrench icon on the notification itself. After clicking on the icon, you will get the settings panel show below from where you can change the notification style and other things.

This feature is currently available in Chrome browser but you can see it working in other browsers too in future as said by Google. As per the feature is concerned, surely there are many people out there who loved the new desktop notifications who don’t want to install any separate notifier or keep their Gmail tab always in focus.