Step-by-Step How to Download Movies Using uTorrent

You may have discovered that uTorrent is one of the most reliable torrent clients. But how can you practice it to download movies? Read on to learn the step-by-step moves underneath.

uTorrent is a proprietary adware BitTorrent client owned and developed by Rainberry, Inc. It has over 150 million clients.

It is the most widely used BitTorrent client outside China, globally only behind Xunlei. The “?,” Greek letter “mu,” in its name comes from the SI prefix “micro-,” referring to the program’s small memory footprint: the program was designed to use minimum computer resources while providing functionality related to larger BitTorrent clients such as Vuze or BitComet.

?Torrent became controversial in 2015 when many users unknowingly accepted a default option during installation, which also installed a cryptocurrency miner. The miner was removed in later versions but had already done irreversible damage to ?Torrent’s reputation.

The program has been in active development since its first release in 2005. Although initially developed by Ludvig Strigeus on December 7, 2006, BitTorrent, Inc owns and maintains the code. BitTorrent, Inc. has also employed the code as the basis for version 6.0 and above the BitTorrent client, a re-branded version of ?Torrent. All arrangements are written in C++.

Before you start utilizing uTorrent to download movies, you require to install it on your workstation if you don’t have an established uTorrent on your processor, download and install it first. 

To download and install uTorrent on your processor, follow these actions:

1) Go to uTorrent.com. 

2) Tap to download uTorrent.

3) Double-tap on the downloaded file and track the on-screen directions to install it.

Pay attention to every step when you install uTorrent, as some bundled software like Adaware Web Companion could be established on your computer without your awareness. But don’t bother if the bundled software is installed on your computer. You can uninstall them manually. 


How to Download movies with uTorrent

Before downloading any movies, we firmly advise you to employ a powerful VPN to guard yourself. A VPN will switch your current IP address to another and hold your online activity unknown from spying eyes. Follow these actions to download movies with uTorrent:

1) Start uTorrent and watch for the torrent file of the film you like. You can go to the advanced torrent sites to see the movie torrent file you require. If you’re unsure what torrent sites you can trust, you can proceed to The Best 10 Torrent Sites in 2021 to locate one of the torrent sites to download the movie torrent.

2) After you locate the torrent file you need, you can download it. Usually, you can tap the download button or the download link to download the torrent file. But, again, it is linked to the torrent website you’re on.

3) Once you tap on the download switch or link, a dialog box will jump up and direct you to open uTorrent. Just tap Open uTorrent, then the download will begin.

4) After the download finishes, shift to the Completed window; you can double-tap the downloaded File to view the movie. Or you can right-tap on the downloaded File and choose Open Containing Folder to find the downloaded File.

If you own a downloaded movie torrent file and store it on your computer, follow these steps to download it with uTorrent.

1) Propel uTorrent.

2) Tap File in the top menu bar, and choose Add Torrent to attach the movie torrent file you downloaded.

3) Choose a folder to keep the movie, then click OK.

4) Once you attach the torrent file, the download will commence automatically. However, the download means may take some time. It depends on the file size, the internet link, etc.

5) After the download finishes, switch to the Completed window; you can double-tap on the downloaded File to see the movie. Or you can right-tap on the downloaded File and choose Open Containing Folder to find the downloaded File.

Prioritize your Downloads

If you hold multiple torrent files downloading, you can decide to prioritize the download you require. Follow these moves to prioritize downloads:

1) Turn to the Downloading window.

2) Choose the download you need to download first.

3) Tap the Move up queue button to drive the download up. If you need the download to go up to the first download, prevent tapping the Move up queue key until it shifts to the initial download.

Adopt a VPN for torrenting

You may already understand that some torrent sites render pirated content, and downloading them is illegal. If you can determine precisely whether the content you’ll download is shielded by copyright, you won’t get into any problem. But if you’re not sure how to recognize pirated content, you may get into issues after downloading the content.


Your ISP and the state administration can know what you’ve downloaded with your IP. They can also utilize anti-BT tools to identify who downloaded pirated content. If you’ve downloaded the pirated content without awareness, you can be their concern. You may get an alert message from your ISP informing you that you’ve downloaded the illegal content. So to circumvent uncertainties like this and to have added privacy when torrenting, we recommend you use a VPN to hide your IP address.

VPN constitutes a secure network over the internet and protects your online activity. When you attach to a VPN, all your traffic will be securely encrypted, and your IP address will be disguised by anyone who desires to track you. In this way, spying eyes can’t see what you download or scan online.

Keep in the subconscious that torrenting copyrighted content is an illegal act. We don’t encourage unlawful torrenting, and our advice is only intended to serve legitimate torrent users. Hopefully, by now, you understand how to download movies with uTorrent with the actions given above.