How to download every link from a WebPage in Chrome

download all from chrome

DownloadAll is the download manager Chrome users have been waiting for.

Similar to the Firefox addon DownThemAlI, it lets you download every link from a web page at once; pause and resume downloads; and split large files into segments to download them more quickly.

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Bonus tip for Chrome user:

1. The Great Suspender : The more tabs you have open, the more memory Chrome uses, which often leads to crashes. The Great Suspender lets you ‘suspend’ tabs you’re not using, while retaining their titles so you can reload them with a single click. You can also suspend inactive tabs automatically after a certain time.

2. Secure bookmarks : If you share your computer with someone else, you may have certain bookmarks that you’d prefer them not to see, such as your webmail. This add-on lets you save selected pages in a password-protected list. Once you’ve chosen a password, just click the toolbar button and choose ‘Create new bookmark’ to keep the page private.

3. Download to Dropbox : This add-on lets you save images, links and other web content directly to Dropbox, simply by right-clicking and choosing ‘Upload to Dropbox‘. Once you’ve linked your account, the add-on creates a folder named ‘Downloads from Chrome’ in your Dropbox, so you can easily find and manage what you save.

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