How to Dispose of Old TV for Free : Ways to Help You Out

How to dispose of old TV can be a bit stressful as unfortunately, old televisions sets can’t be left like a normal trash for pickup by the trash disposal van.

Old TVs consists of harmful parts and chemicals that need vigilant eye to safely deal with them professionally. Instead of throwing old TV in the garbage, it is best to recycle it at a recycling center or going to a electronics store. You can even sell or donate old TV that is in working condition to those who can still enjoy it!

Ways to How to Dispose of Old TV for Free

  • Recycling Your TV
  • Donating or Selling Your TV
  • Transporting Your TV

How to Dispose of Old TV for Free : Recycling Your TV

Call waste disposal company to get the address of a recycling unit. YOu can not leave old TVs and electronic devices outside for garbage pickup, because they contain hazardous materials. Many companies also have rules to disposal them. However, waste disposal companies offer paying customers the service of dropping off old TVs at recycling site. It is required to show a driver’s license or bill to gain access to the site. These centers accept TVs and e-waste items, like small appliances, cameras, cell phones, scanners, CD players, photocopiers, etc.

Check out a recycling program. Cities and towns provide pick-up options for electronics and other large items. Cities sometimes pick up old and extremely heavy TVs from home to the disposal site. Check town or county’s website for more information. Recycling center in town are there to specifically deal with electronic waste and drop off old TV. Ensure the recycling program chosen is E-Steward certified to be confident to qualify to handle hazardous waste found in television sets.

Call BestBuy / OLX for old TV. BestBuy / OLX are major retailers that pick up and recycle old TVs. They charge a fee for their service. They limit getting rid of 2 TVs per family per day. Unfortunately, BestBuy doesn’t accept all TVs, especially those which are super big. Call the store to check and qualify. Drop the old TV off at the store to avoid paying haul-away fee.

Return the old television to the manufacturer. Manufacturers do accept their old TV set to recycle it. Contact the manufacturer to check whether TV qualifies for the respective service. You may get a little money back in return for the old TV!

How to Dispose of Old TV for Free : Donating or Selling Your TV

Check to ensure TV works before donating or selling it. Don’t give away or sell a broken TV! It’s not fair to whoever you pass it on to next. The ones stuck with getting rid of it get over all the plugs. Ensure that all the buttons and features are good to go. When the TV isn’t working at all, sell or donate it to a local theater or school to use as a prop in their plays.

Ask friends and family members if they want the TV. Your easiest option is to hand off your old TV to someone you know. They’ll likely help you move it or pick it up themselves, and they’ll be excited to have a TV to enjoy for years to come.

Donate the television to a nonprofit agency. If the TV still works well, donate it! Someone else will surely appreciate it, and it’s actually better for the environment to reuse electronics for as long as they last than to recycle them. Check with local community centers, schools, homeless shelters, churches, and nursing homes to see if any of these spots could use the TV. They could also have programs for delivering TVs to families in need of one.
National agencies such as Salvation Army and Goodwill have programs for taking in and re-selling old electronics and TVs.

Sell the television set online. Lots of big retailers, including Amazon, BestBuy, and Target, will buy back TVs and other electronics. Look on the stores’ websites to see if your TV qualifies for buyback. You can also sell your TV yourself by listing it on Facebook Marketplace or advertising it on eBay or Craigslist. Facebook Marketplace is a popular, user-friendly choice with the option to pick-up. Shipping the TV once you’ve sold it on eBay could be pretty difficult, while Craigslist customers almost always pick up their own purchases.

Sell the TV in a garage sale if you want to clean out your house. If you’re already having a big garage sale, put your TV out on your lawn! Especially if your TV is older, set the price low. Remember, the goal is to get rid of it.

How to Dispose of Old TV for Free : Transporting Your TV

Find transportation to drop when there’s no pick-up option. The hardest part of getting rid of your old TV is getting a truck and lugging it. As most recycling centers and manufacturers needs to drop off own item, you require a big vehicle to get a large TV.

Enlist friends to get extra muscle. Provide a friend pizza in return to help move the old TV. Get extra hands. Once the transport is done, relax in front of new TV!

Stand close to the TV to pick it up. Never stand more than 1 foot from the old TV. Legs must be shoulder-width apart which will be a nice strong stance to assist to stay balanced while lifting the heavy item.

Bend knees to lift safely. Never bend over from the waist to lift heavy items. Squat down to keep back straight to allow to lift with legs. Avoid straining back muscles.

Make a grip on the bottom corners. Lift one side up of the TV at a time. Slip fingers safely under the lifted sides. While working in a team, ensure to communicate with everyone. Make a person spotter to position them in front of the TV to steady it as each side is lifted.

Straighten your legs to lift the TV. Full weight should be in the legs. If feeling a strain in the back, put the TV down and reposition again. After getting it lifted, walk the TV to the truck or move the TV to a wheeled small carrier. Wheeled dollies make the motion of the TV from spot to another much easier. Try to use an old blanket to slide the TV across surfaces.

The spotter should steady the TV once transferred to it a dolly or start walking by keeping a hand on the center of the item.

The above methods and instructions must be taken care to dispose of old TV for free.