How to Deactivate Facebook Account & Stay Away From The Addiction

Facebook is considered to be one of the most popular and widely used social media networks all over the internet, with a total user count of more than 2 billion, who are active every day. But even after such levels of popularity, it is sad to say that social media is not built for each and every individual.

Sometimes pestered by stalkers, and sometimes frustrated with all the FarmVille and Candy Crush requests, every one user out of 100 leaves Facebook permanently, never to return again. Some people even left the social networking site simply because they did not like the idea of the company experimenting continually with the News Feed, and they simply got tired of all the confusion and complication.

Well today we are here to help you understand how to deactivate facebook account for some temporary relief, or how to delete your account entirely. Read on to find out more.

Deactivating Facebook

When you deactivate a certain Facebook account which belongs to you, you are simply putting your account into hibernation. Facebook will remove your profile from their site, along with each and every comment you made, or posts you created while you were an active user. But all your data will be stored on Facebook’s server, so as to give you access to your account should you choose to make a dramatic return.

Reactivating is quite easy – you simply need to login and it is reactivated. The hard part is to understand how to deactivate facebook, which may take some time to contemplate.

When you have made up your mind that it is time to step down from your FACEBOOK USER mantle, simply login to your account, and go to the SETTINGS menu in the upper right corner of the Facebook page, which can be found under a small dark blue arrowhead.

Select Settings from the drop-down list, and click on SECURITY when the Settings screen opens. The Security option can be found on the left-hand side page bar of the Facebook page.

Following these two steps, you will see the option DEACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT right at the bottom of the page which opens after you click Security. Facebook will show you display pictures, or DPs of your friends to keep you logged in, but you need to ignore on that. You simply give a reason for leaving Facebook for now, such as THIS IS TEMPORARY. I WILL BE BACK, and click on the CONFIRM button to enter your password and deactivate your Facebook account.

We hope you have understood how to deactivate facebook.

Deleting your Facebook account

If you really want to stay away from Facebook and simply do not want to return, then deleting your account will be a much more efficient thing to do than simply deactivating your account.

Before you delete the account entirely, make sure to download your data stored on Facebook, before once you hit the DELETE PERMANENTLY button, you will lose all your data, and there will be no way of getting it back.