How To Create WhatsApp Account Without Phone Number

WhatsApp Account

WhatsApp is a popular app with a user-friendly design that allows people to quickly share text and voice messages as well as other kinds of data such as photos, music, and videos with each other. There are more than 1 billion users all over the world. But it has one drawback. Due to mandatory mobile phone number verification, it is quite difficult to create two or more accounts on this platform. So if there is a need to separate personal life from work or sign up for multiple profiles to promote business more effectively, some people decide to purchase additional SIM cards. However, there is a way more convenient and cost-effective way to solve this issue. Just use temporary phone numbers that are configured to receive SMS from WhatsApp.

What is this service?

Temporary phone numbers are not much different from classic numbers. It is also issued by a real cellular operator and works in its network. The difference is that such phone numbers are used online with any electronic gadget that has an internet connection. They are also technically set up to only receive verification codes from the particular app which in our case is WhatsApp.

So there is no way to successfully use them in order to create accounts on Facebook, Telegram, or any other internet platform. While to some people this may seem a disadvantage, in fact, it is a significant benefit. Since these temporary numbers allow getting SMS only from a specific app, their cost is much lower than the cost of basic virtual phone numbers and rarely exceeds one dollar. So, in terms of cost-effectiveness, it is without a doubt the best solution for those who want to register multiple profiles on WhatsApp.

How safe it is to use such a temporary number?

Many users are concerned about how safe it is to use temporary numbers, for example, whether their account will not be subsequently lost. There is nothing to worry about at all. Temporary phone numbers are provided only to one person and are removed from the database after use. This way, once they are used for creating accounts, no one except their original owner can gain access to them.

Such phone numbers are also not available for tracking and cannot be used for spamming purposes. Thus, despite the fact that on WhatsApp it is possible to see the numbers of other users, it will not cause any inconvenience. Moreover, it helps to become fully protected from constant receiving of intrusive text messages as well as voice calls from strangers via regular mobile telephony.

Where to get a temporary phone number for WhatsApp?

Getting temporary numbers and using them in order to sign up for WhatsApp is a simple task even for newcomers. It does not require going anywhere or dealing with a lot of documentation like it goes in the case of purchasing a SIM card from a cell phone carrier. You just need to visit SMS-Man online verification service which provides everyone with the opportunity to receive OTP from all kinds of apps. The whole process of using it goes as follows:

1. Sign up for an account at

2. Replenish its balance with a suitable payment method.

3. Go to the homepage of the platform and select dialing code from the countries list as well as WhatsApp while browsing the section with supported websites and apps.

4. Buy and use the received temporary phone number for registration.

5. Click on the “Get SMS” button to reveal the verification code.

That is it! To create another profile simply get a new temporary number and repeat the last three steps from above. This tool makes it possible to register literally as many accounts as necessary because there are no quantitative limitations on using such numbers. It will not be a problem at all no matter what.