How to Create the Perfect Sales Email

Sales Email

When it comes to the role of a sales rep, writing emails can be one of their trickier tasks. The problem is that the wrong word or phrase in the subject line alone can turn the prospect off of the idea of even bothering to read an email.

If they do decide to read it, they are often met with irrelevant content that focuses on the sender, rather than the receiver. This is because many sales reps use cookie-cutter templates that lack any customization before sending an email out to their prospects.

But email management is already a hard enough task as it is, especially without having to worry about personalizing each one for every single recipient, so what can a sales rep do?

Use the Right Software

There are several sales software options out there that allow reps to create email templates and send them out en masse. The problem with this kind of software is that they often lack the ability to enable reps to customize the templates beyond simple variables like name, location, and occupation.

You can close more leads with VanillaSoft and its advanced email and SMS marketing software that combines automation and customization to build quality relationships with leads. Both emails and SMS templates can be automatically personalized before sending based on key contact variables that you create in the system.

This ensures that you have just the right level of personalization while still being able to send out communications promptly so that no lead ever gets neglected.

Craft the Right Template

Having the template and the variables to modify your emails are all well and good, but you still need to know what you’re doing regarding crafting the email in the first place. As already mentioned, you can’t just go off listing details about your company and why you’re so great – that’ll just bore them and make them uninterested.

Instead, do your research and figure out the recipient’s (or their company’s) needs, goals, as well as their pain-points. Position them in the email you write by creating a persona of someone who is looking for x or who is struggling with z. Then, finish it all off with the right call to action (or CTA) to make sure that they are meeting the goal of what you set out to do with your communication.

For example, do you want them to click a link to a survey, your website, contact form, or product page? Or, would you rather set up a meeting or phone call? In either case, make sure that your call to action is specific and concise.

The Best of Both Worlds

To be a successful sales rep, you need to be able to utilize the technology you have available to you as well as your own set of skills that make you great at your job. Sales engagement platforms like VanillaSoft are there to give you the tools you need to do the best job you can, so make sure you take advantage of them and craft that perfect sales email!