How to Create Photo Slideshow Videos on YouTube


Add life to your photo slideshows with transitions, music, effects and captions using YouTube’s built-in video editor. You can add video clips to create professional looking projects, and upload them to your YouTube account.

You can then share your slideshows with family and friends by sending them the URLs.

6 Steps for Creating a Photo Slideshow video on YouTube

Step 1 :Go to your YouTube account and click upload Under ‘Photo slideshow’ click Create. Search and browse for photos from your connected web accounts. Choose multiple photos by holding down Ctrl and clicking each photo you want to add. Click Select.

select photos from your computer

Step 2 :To add photos from your PC, click ‘Upload photos’, and drag and drop images into the box. Alternatively, click ‘Select photos from your computer’, browse for the photos you want, and click OK. Give the album a name, or add these photos to an existing album.

drag and drop

Step 3 :Drag and drop photos around the grid into the order you want them to appear in the slideshow. Remote photos by hovering your mouse over a thumbnail and clicking the cross. When you’ve finished, scroll down to the bottom of the grid and click Next.

how long each photo appear

Step 4 :In the Basic editor you can change how long each photo appears, and apply slide effects and transitions. Pick a backing track from the list of most popular track or search for a song or genre. Alternatively, tick ‘No audio’.

make more precise edits

Step 5 :To make more precise edits, click ‘Advanced editor’. Drag and drop photos to new location along the timeline. When you hover over a photo you can rotate it, add effects, add text or split the image. Remove photos and transitions by clicking the cross.

add other media to slideshow

Step 6 :To add other media to the slideshow, click the relevant tabs and drag and drop clips, photos, audio,transitionsor text onto the timeline. Drag and playback slider along the timeline to preview different sections, and zoom in and out. Name your project, and click Publish.