How To Create Multiple FireFox Profiles

Firefox gives an option for making multiple profiles. Profiles are basically separate entities having separate user information.

They contain their own sets of bookmarks, settings and customizations.Profile manager allows you to create, delete, rename, and switch profiles.

To create multiple profiles you must have Firefox Profile Manager software. If you don’t have you can download it from internet.Check for multiple firefox versions are on the system or not. You have to do this if you have installed a beta, aurora or nightly builf of firefox.

Follow the following steps to create multiple profiles.

1. Create New Profile: Click on New to create a new profile. Create profile window will get opened and now you need to mention name, location and select appropriate firefox version for your new profile.

2. Configure New Profiles: You can launch one of the profile after selecting the profile in the upper half of the interface.

You can install add-ons, customize the layout and settings to streamline the profiles.

The major benefits of running different profiles include customization, memory usage, Sync and Backup, and multiple firefox instances.