How to Create an Effective CBD Gummies YouTube Marketing Strategy

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Social media advertising restrictions make marketing your CBD gummies like these from Verma Farms a challenge, but YouTube marketing may be your next big strategy move. It is one of the few places you can link directly to your website from your profile and your posts, and you can publish openly about all your products. You still need to be careful about the claims you make, but you have a lot more freedom with your YouTube video content than you do on Facebook or Instagram.

Mastering YouTube optimization has a lot of moving parts, and you will need to do an extensive amount of research to learn all the right ways to get your videos to show up in searches and keep people viewing. This article will give you ideas on where to get started and key points to keep in mind, as your video marketing journey begins.

Before You Start

Start With the Right Attitude

This is going to take practice, and your results will vary based on how experienced you are at creating video content. Since you are reading this article, you are probably a DIY CBD gummies entrepreneur and you need to keep in mind that you have to start somewhere. Even if your early videos are awful and your channel takes a while to take off, youíll learn valuable skills, and your CBD gummies will get more attention than they would if you didnít post anything at all. Showing the world you have the best CBD gummies around will take patience.

Make Sure Your Branding is Solid

Nothing screams ďI donít know my own brandĒ like a video with a weak identity. Remember awkward book report presentations in high school from kids who were still trying to figure out who they are? Donít make your audience as uncomfortable and bored as you were then. Make sure you know exactly who you are targeting, what they care about, what their concerns are, and what their interests are outside of CBD.

Check Out the Competition

Find other CBD brand YouTube channels and watch their videos. Pay attention to which videos get the most views, and look at audience interactions. Read the comments to gain insight about which elements people are paying attention to, and make note of style, subject matter, and length. You do not want to copy your competition, but you can glean valuable information about what works and what does not work based on what you see.

Check Out Your Favorite Channels

Spend some time watching videos from channels you like, and again make note of what works and what does not work. Watch channels that have nothing to do with cannabis, hemp, or CBD gummies to get some ideas on stylistic choices you like and what speaks to you. Pay close attention to the first 15 seconds of the videos with the most views because this is roughly how long you have to hook your audience. If they are not interested by then, they will stop watching. What do the most popular videos do in this time to keep people on their video?

Creating Your CBD Gummies Brand on YouTube

Create a Brand Account

A brand account allows for more personalization of the account details, and you can use your company name. You can also attach more than one administrator to your account, which makes it easier for people to help you manage the account.

Your Profile

Your profile should make it clear exactly what your CBD gummies have to offer. You want to optimize your bio with keywords that will get you found in search engine results. Include links to your CBD gummies shop and contact information so people know how to get hold of you with questions. Google gives more credibility to accounts and websites with contact info, so do not skip this step.

Your Content Needs to Be Compelling

You need to create content that is useful to your viewers on some level. Figure out what else your audience is watching, and give them informative videos that answer their questions and address their concerns. YouTubeís livestream feature is a great place to host a Q & A session and it will bump up your viewing time, which is a major part of YouTubeís algorithm.

Publish Regularly

With as much time as people spend watching YouTube these days, viewers treat YouTube channels like television channels. They like being able to count on new videos coming out regularly, and they look for a consistent schedule from their favorite channels. To keep your schedule dependable, create a whole series of videos at once, then schedule their release ahead of time.

Video Descriptions

Carefully crafted video descriptions are key to getting your videos found. Do some keyword research ahead of time to make sure your title and descriptions include terms that will get your CBD gummies brand found. Use the tags feature, and include hashtags as well. Just make sure you keep them relevant, and you do not include more than 15 hashtags because YouTube will ignore all hashtags if you go over the limit. Donít forget to include links to your website, blog, and other relevant content related to your brand.

Final Thoughts

Your YouTube channel is a place where you can make your CBD gummies shine, but you need to execute your strategy with careful consideration to your audience and what they care most about. Regardless of your skill level, videos attract engagement, but it may take practice to perfect your tactics. Donít be intimidated by the best CBD gummies videos. Instead, get started right away so you can work on perfecting your craft and building the audience your CBD gummies deserve.