How to Create a Radio Station

If you can’t find anywhere that plays the tunes you love, why not just build a radio station from scratch?

There are several music recommendation and playlist streaming apps available on the Android Market, but in an ever-changing online landscape, Jango Radio is currently the most effective free option on Android. It’s possible to make Jango Radio choose favourites linked to your interests, or play you songs it thinks you might like.

It’s a pretty tight system that generally works, the following tutorial will teach you how to make your first station, and customise it in every way the app will allow in order to have you lost in a world of your own making within minutes.

Jango Radio | Create your own radio station

1. Make a station : Select ‘I am new to Jango’ from the first screen. Select one of the suggested themes or artists, or type in your own, like we have. A suggestion soon pops up.

2. Have a listen : Sure enough, Come Together appears after searching Beatles. You can listen, and see what comes next, or press the big ‘track skip’ button if you want to move on.

3. Sign up : Press Menu on your phone, and touch ‘Sign Up’. From here, fill out the form, and then your station will be automatically saved for you to access later.

4. Make more stations It’s possible to make another station by touching ‘New Station’ on the bottom right of the screen, and using the list as before to select a new artist.

5. Finesse your tastes : Tapping on ‘Your Stations’ on the bottom left, then touching Edit on the ‘Now playing’ bar lets you fiddle in-depth with how your radio station works.

6. Pioneer new bands : Occasionally, an unknown band will pop up, and your like or dislike icons suddenly become important for their reputation and recommendations to others.