How to Create a Great Presentation to Sell your Business Plans

How to Create a Great Presentation to Sell your Business Plans

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 It’s getting increasingly difficult for new businesses to emerge in today’s big bad world. There are already so many companies out there and so many different products, and they all do so many different things- it’s so difficult to come up with something unique that hasn’t been done before. There are a lot of avenues that still have to be explored in the business world, but it’s finding them that is proving to be the problem for a lot of up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

Let’s say, however, that you have come up with a brand new idea. Chances are it isn’t all that new. Chances are it’s been done before, or even worse; someone else has come up with the same idea as you at the same time. There’s a big chance you’ll be going up against them at a board meeting or a pitch, and that’s why you need to stand out from the crowd. There’s no point in showing up to a business meeting with a bunch of boring slides and a dull speech which doesn’t arouse any interest in your ideas whatsoever. You’ll be swept off the table.

So what do you do? We believe we have the answer- you need to make your presentations and slide shows much more exhilarating. We’re not talking about boring out PowerPoint, either; it’s a way in the past now. There are a lot of different presentation formats out there which you just don’t know about yet. But what are they, and what makes them so good? Don’t worry, we’re here to explain it all. Here’s everything you need to know about creating an exciting presentation and what the best programs to use are.

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So what are the factors which are so important in creating a good presentation? Well, first of all, it’s got to be original. We can sit all day long and give you all our best advice on what to create, but the reality is there’s no set formula for a perfect presentation. Each one is different, and it all depends on what you’re a business plan or idea is; this will determine the themes and design features of your presentation. If your business plan is based on a very serious area of the market (banks or something of the sort) then you can make the themes generally more dark and bold to show how serious you are about your plan. If it’s something to do with a more light-hearted topic, then adjust your design features to mask this. Nowadays you should also probably try and avoid the supposedly ‘cool’ fading features that made PowerPoint so big unless you feel it’s necessary. Again, it’s all about what you think will make your presentation tick all the boxes. Make it as original as possible so that you stand out from the crowd.

You should also look at example presentations from others who have given their own talks on topics similar to yours. This will allow you to gain a good idea of the kinds of things the industry and people you will be giving a talk to are expecting, and you can then proceed to build your presentation accordingly. Take tips and make sure that you avoid areas of these example presentations that look as though they would hinder it- this will give you a better chance of making a good overall show. Remember not to copy too many ideas from these examples however, as your own presentation will lose its identity and it could end up detracting from your overall performance at your board meeting or pitch.

You also need to make sure that your presentation and business ideas will appeal to whoever you are presenting it to. Ensure that you do all the right research before your big pitch so that you don’t end up making a presentation that people won’t like, even if you’re a fan of it yourself. If you know you’re presenting to a notoriously strict businessman, build a presentation accordingly. Keep it a bit duller and to the point, focusing more on the business side of things and profits you can make. On the other hand, there may be business owners who are more interested in the creative side of things and you can, therefore, give yourself a bit more leeway when it comes to color and fun ideas with your presentation. It’s all about building a presentation to suit your audience and its needs.

You also need to make sure that you practice your presentation. You can’t simply turn up on the day and wing it- this isn’t a high school solo talk. This is a big opportunity for you, and you don’t want to blow it because you were too lazy to prepare properly. You could get stage fright, or even worse forget your words entirely. Spend at least an hour a day for a few weeks to get to know your presentation inside out, as chances are it’ll be quite long. There are a lot of things to cover in a business proposal, such as profits and the length of time it’ll take to execute it. You need to know all of these things in order to perform your presentation to a high standard.

Our next point is a bit of a simple one, but it’s still one that a lot of people forget. You need to make sure that you don’t overload your presentation with text, and instead, only include key bullet points. This will keep your presentation looking neater and tidier overall and will allow you to go into more detail with the people you are presenting to as if it’s a normal conversation. Not only will this improve the aesthetic appearance of your presentation, but it’ll also give you an opportunity to showcase the knowledge you have surrounding your business plan. If you are simply reading paragraph after paragraph of text from a screen, it won’t look as though you have any real knowhow at all. Explaining it all while maintaining good eye contact with your audience will show you know everything you need to know, giving your potential funders much more confidence that you have the tools necessary to succeed.

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