How to Create a Gaming Room Setup on a Budget

Gaming Room

The right gaming room setup can breathe new life into your passions for playing. Discover our top tips for creating a gaming room you’ll never want to leave.

Each week, gamers spend at least six hours playing video games. Those who are more dedicated will spend more than 20 hours playing. Whether you’re a child at heart who enjoys the occasional game or have children who love to play nightly, every home could use a gaming room.

This is especially true if your household has more than one gaming console. Unfortunately, much like any other upgrade in a home, creating such a dedicated space will take time and money.

Luckily, we’ve created a guide on how to create the perfect gaming room setup on a budget. Check out these tips and tricks below!

Gaming Room

Consider the Room

The first thing you’ll want to do is consider the room you’ll be dedicating as your gaming room. How big is it? Are you turning your entire finished basement into a gamers dream domain, or are you stuck using the smallest bedroom in the house?

Knowing the size and space you’re working with is key in starting the perfect gaming room setup. To utilize space in a small room, mount the television or computer monitor to the wall.

This will give you more space on your desk for consoles, routers, and the like.

If you have a larger space to work with, consider a friendly layout where guests can mingle while still playing video games uninterrupted.

Game Room Furniture

Once you’ve figured out a solid layout for your gaming space, it’s time to pick the furniture. For multi-playing consoles and games, comfy sectional couches or chairs providing multiple seating will work better.

If you want to multitask, opt for pieces of furniture which can double as seating and storage. Ottomans and stools are great to keep clutter away and leave room for seating.

If you want to broaden your game room to more than video games, make sure to leave room for other fun games like air hockey or pool. Luxury pool tables do take up space, though, so be sure to consider this before buying other large furniture.

The Perfect Gaming Chair

In addition to the other furniture and seating in your new gaming room, you’ll want a gaming chair which is specifically yours. This can range from anything to a bean bag chair to one of the good-quality ergonomic chairs.

Make sure it’s comfortable and provides lumbar support after for long gaming sessions or naptime. By saving money elsewhere in the room, you can splurge here. After all, this is your perfect gaming chair. Choose between your favorite colors, materials, and shapes.

Build Your Own Gaming Center

With so many consoles, games, and controllers you’ll want not only storage but a place to display everything. The bad news is, most gaming centers or entertainment units are expensive. The good news is, you don’t have to go out and buy one.

Find the right spot you wish to display and set up your consoles, then use recycled wood pallets to create your own gaming center. Not only will this save you money but you can create the display to suit your needs.

Remember to include holes big enough for your power cords and enough of them for each console you have. Then, make drawers using baskets to hold your games and controllers. You can find cheap baskets at any craft or retail store.

Hide Your Cords, Hide Your Cables

Now that you have the space, furniture, and gaming center it’s time to add electricity. We know you already have some, so what, exactly, do we mean?

You need electricity to connect and operate your consoles and you’ll get this through the power cords. Unfortunately, these get into tangled and jumbled messes and look unattractive along the walls or floor. Plus, it’s a tripping hazard.

Any easy fix to this is to hide them behind racks, connect them using an extension cable, or hiding them under the carpet. To avoid ripping up your carpet, buy an area rug where they’ll stay concealed and reduce tripping hazards.

Just make sure if you need to use an extension cable it’s a high-quality one and it easily reaches your outlet.

Soundproof Your Space

Everyone gets angry at games, especially online games, and with anger comes yelling. To conceal as much noise as possible in your new game room, find easy and inexpensive ways to help soundproof the space.

Instead of adding soundproofing panels and added insulation, add thick drapes, carpets or area rugs, and wall-mounted acoustic panels. They won’t soundproof the room entirely, but it will help conceal some of the noise.

Let There Be Light

Lighting is an important aspect when it comes to any room, but a gaming room especially. If the room you’re turning has windows, use the natural light to your advantage.

If your new space doesn’t have windows or they’re too little for natural light to help, don’t panic. There are lots of ways you can add lighting without breaking the bank.

Finding string lights to hang around or even throughout your gaming center will help with lighting. Get these lights in different colors to help the space pop.

If it’s in your budget, opt for LED lights. You can put these under your monitors and cabinets to really bring attention to your display.

Gaming Room Setup on a Budget

Everyone needs a space where they can relax and enjoy a hobby. While some don’t mind playing video games in the living room, others crave a space specifically for their gaming needs.

Unfortunately, it’s not always in the budget to go all out. That’s why this gaming room setup guide is perfect for those who want and deserve the best of both worlds.

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