How to convert your website visitors into customers?

website visitors into customers

The main objective of every business owner is to gain revenue by convincing and attracting customers to buy their products or services. Without customers, you cannot run a business. The individual way to get clients for your business is to generate leads. This is why most companies focus on customer gaining rather than retaining. However, the most difficult part of acquiring a customer is knowing which successful strategies generate more customers.

You should give visitors every opportunity to convert. You might start by converting them on a designrr lead magnet software or access to a free tool, after that you need to convert them on the sale.

There are 2 main types of conversions:

1) Web visitor to lead:

In this conversion, you can turn a website visitor into a potential lead. If a visitor visits on a page of your website and sees that you have a mailing list than signs up. That is a conversion.

2) Lead to the customer:

The most important conversion occurs when a lead buys something from your website. He or she may follow you on social, read the blog, check your marketing emails, and finally transfer the cash for whatever you are selling.

 Here are a few tips which can convert a website visitor to a customer.

  1. Call to action button

The call to action button is very important for a landing page. It determines whether your landing pages will be successful or fail. To make your call to action attractive, do not use ‘Sign Up’. Instead use simple and descriptive words like; “Download Now”, “Get it Now”, “Request Free Trial”, “Join Today” to encourage your visitors to sign up.

2. Lead magnet

A lead magnet is a source given to your visitors for their email address. However, it is difficult to get a visitor’s email address without giving them anything in return. Your lead magnet should be useful, valuable and easy for your viewers to read. Lead magnets include an e-book, demo, checklist, etc.

3. Quality content

Generating traffic without having quality content is totally a waste of time. When your visitors are disappointed, they will quickly leave the page. In order to develop a good content strategy, it is very useful to consider the needs of the visitor. Such as, what are they looking for? Which topics attract potential clients? How can you help them? The only way is to put yourself in the place of the customers and create good content according to their needs. On the other side, the content must be pictorial, it is suitable to use images or videos to attract and maintain the interest of the visitors. Furthermore, using pictorial content will be more likely to have your message shared on the social networks of your potential customers.

4. Link to social media

Do not forget to include buttons to share the content of your website on social media networks. In this way, visitors can easily share with their friends the content of your website they consider interesting. Social media networks have been a great way to generate leads for businesses in the current time. However, you will need to find the right social media network for the best promotion of your business. Out of all the social media networks, Facebook proves to work best for most businesses.

 5. Offer free trials

Free trials let your customers test your product before they commit. Many online software companies offer free trials of varying lengths. If customers find that product use, they will definitely buy the full version. People can test several competitors to see which one is working best. But all free trials don’t work the same though.

Although, you can ask for a credit card before the free trial begins, but some studies prove that getting a credit card on file increases conversions, while some others have had the opposite experience.

6. Email marketing

Stay connected with the visitors who used free trial but didn’t purchase anything, that doesn’t mean the sale is gone. It just means the customer is not ready to buy. They might return days, weeks, or even months later to actually buy your products or services. If the sales associate keeps in touch with you by email, he or she can decrease that lead time and encourage you to buy faster. Email marketing series can bring your potential customers in converted customers. You may start with a reminder that your product or service is still available for sale. Furthermore, you might offer a time-sensitive discount voucher.


All the above strategies take time, money and energy for the results but it works to convert your leads to customers. It may take months or even years depending on how much traffic you get and how much you’re willing to invest. If you take the rush to turn your website into a 24/7 sales tool, it’ll pay off in extras in the long run. So you have to use tools and resources to help you figure out how to convince your target visitors to convert from lead to customer.