How To Convert MP4 Files To GIF Format On Mac

If you are an avid social media user, you will recognize that GIFs are pretty much one of the most dominant media sharing tools nowadays. They are not only practical but entertaining as well. And while typical images are useful, GIFs offer so much more than even emojis. Plus, they create a much better level of engagement online. This is why many brands online also use them to communicate with their followers on platforms like Twitter. Furthermore, with more and more messengers like WhatsApp and WeChat incorporating these GIF formats into their platforms, the use of these images only continues to grow and grow.

Many people now use these image files on presentations at offices to provide context for presentations. In such instances, they load the GIF files onto a PowerPoint presentation, connect their Macs to an external monitor using a usb c hdmi hub. If you don’t already own one of these, we suggest that you check out Lention’s CB-C52s model. It is a portable, compact, and lightweight device that does well to make full use of any USB 3.0 port on any laptop to deliver stunning and fast HD video, up to 4K UHD resolution. This makes it perfect to stream content for wider viewing. Or to organize audio/visual presentations on a projector.

As a result of the GIF’s increased popularity, more and more people want to learn how to create their personalized GIFs. This means being able to turn a clip from your favorite movie into a GIF. Alternatively, this means knowing how to convert a personal video shot on your phone into a GIF. So, what is the best way to accomplish this? Well, there are several options available to you, and we are going to dive into how you can convert a GIF image to an MP4 file quickly and easily. But before that, keep in mind that when handling MP4 files and GIF images, storage space can be a problem for some.

In such instances, to avoid clogging your internal disk drive we recommend storing those files on an external storage device, such as a flash drive, SD Card, or external hard disk. Moreover, you can facilitate transfers using a usb c multi hub, which allows you to expand the level of connectivity ports on your Mac. This gives you the ability to plug in multiple external devices eg. an SD Card or USB drive and safely transfer files and data over high speeds. If you are looking for something that offers this and comes with a wide level of versatility, then we suggest the Lention CB-CS65 model. It is a rather sleek but powerful hub that offers two USB 3.0 ports and one USB C port that can transfer data at a speed of up to 40Gbps. It also provides a power pass-through of 100W to any attached USB-C accessories and has an HDMI port to facilitate 4K video streaming. Plus, if you prefer a wired internet connection over WiFi for better internet stability, you’ll be glad to know it also features a Gigabit Ethernet port!

Now, let’s quickly dive into how you can make your GIFs today!

1. Converting MP4 to GIF Format on Mac

Several different applications by programmers are now available that allow easy file conversions from one format to another. In most cases, these conversions will happen in the same medium, eg. JPG to PNG. However, now even videos can are convertible into image files as well. And one of the best applications to help you accomplish this is Permute. It offers all-in-one audio, video, and image conversion with an added number of features too. You only have to download the application, drag and drop the chosen MP4 file into the app and select the GIF Animation button. After which, press play, and you will be able to save the converted GIF in your chosen folder.

2. Convert MP4 to GIF Format Online

Another alternative method that requires no app download is to use one of the online file converters available online. Most of these converters are free of charge, but the problem is that there is no predicting the level of quality that you will get in return. Moreover, some sites may be infected with malware, spyware, or adware. As such, if you decide to use this method, you need to ensure that the site you are using is highly trustworthy to avoid infecting your Mac. However, there are a few good options to choose from that we can recommend.

You can opt to visit This is a popular and well-trusted website that allows you to convert video into a wide number of formats and if the video is online, eg. YouTube, all you need is the url link and the conversion process will begin. The only disadvantage to using this service is that if the video is of a high resolution, it may take some time for the video to be processed.

Another alternative option we would recommend is And while this service limits the file size to a maximum of 50MB, the website does well to convert files quickly and efficiently. If you are converting multiple files, you can load them and let the conversion happen in the background. Zamzar will then send an email notification once your files are ready.


There are numerous options available to you if you need to convert any MP4 file to GIF. Or any other type of file conversion for that matter. However, you need to keep in mind that if you intend to convert multiple videos then storage space is key. So, make sure you have enough space left on your Mac before you start converting videos. But, if you are limited in terms of internal memory, then as we mentioned before, you should purchase an external storage device. You will also need a reliable hub to help facilitate safe and quick file transfers. And luckily for you, there is no brand better equipped to give you the best usb-c docking station than Lention.