How To Control Kids Daily Screen Time

Control Kids Daily Screen

Most half of kids (4+) momentarily have their tablets and parents should keep a focus on kids’ devices and set sensible time limits for their devices regulation. FamiSafeencourages them to find stability and create healthy digital practices. As kids build up, they become more confident and want to examine the world by themselves. Parents can use FamiSafe to determine your tweens where they’re on the go. It can be difficult for parents to shield children from possible dangers like cyberbullying, physical predators, and so on. FamiSafe lets parents get programmed alerts when unsuitable content is discovered on teens’ devices.

FamiSafe app is the Most Secure screen app time parental control with characteristics like kidsí screen time limiting, website filtering, game, and porn blocking, location tracking, suspicious text detecting, and suspicious photos detection on social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, WhatsApp and more. Joint family devices, maintain your family safe.

Kids are growing up in the digital time, we should encourage them to promote healthy digital habits. FamiSafescreen time app parental control app offers it more manageable.

Kids like to visit up all night for online chatting with friends or gaming and simply getting weak eye eyesight. FamiSafe parental control app with screen time and activity record feature would benefit you.

When kids privately leave school and bound classes without their parentís permission or get brought to critical places, you could use the FamiSafe screen time parental control app with a place tracker.

Kids are easier displayed to gamble or porn section, or even post and share sexually frank photos in social media applications. You would get immediate alerts from the FamiSafe screen time tracing app and keep your kids apart from an online crisis.

Importance of Online Safety for Kids

It is the most unconventional screen time tracker app with GPRS-enabled innovations.

Kids use the internet for institutional purposes. Nevertheless, the internet consists of several sites that are unless unsuitable for kids or are illegal. If there is no limitation on their smartphones that are employing the internet, they may randomly visit those places which can change their psychology of the brain. That is why the online safety of teenagers becomes necessary for every parent.

For this determination, they use a screen time app that can control all the online movement on their kid’s phone. Many familial control apps have screen time features, but the most suitable amongst them is the FamiSafe app. This application is can surely limit the screen time of a kid’s phone using an exclusive parent device. FamiSafe is the most superior screen time tracker app with GPRS-enabled features. Using this specialty, we can track the accurate location of a kid’s phone on a real-time footing.

Solutions to Keeps Kids Safe Online or Track Their Location and Parental Controls

Online safety of kids:

 There are several drug-selling sites, games gambling sites, teenagers dating apps, and porn sites that are unsuitable for kids. These sites can be reached if there are no limitations made using the parental control app on the kid’s phone. Using Famisafe, we can easily modify these sites and block them from being entered on a kid’s phone using a remote parent’s machine.

Track Active Location of Kids

Some kids are infamous. Teenagers usually tell their parents that they are going out to the academy and go to a park or cinema theatre with friends. Though, using the FamiSafe app, we can trace the live location of kids and find the exact direction they follow. The information that this app presents is reliable and 100% correct. That is why it is also applied for tracking the exact location of offenders by inquiry or crime branch.

Protection Against kids’ kidnappers:

Kidnappers use new techniques to kidnap children of rich parents. They kidnap them to get price money from their rich parents. Hence protection of kids is of the highest importance in this critical condition. By using the FamiSafe app, we can defend our kids from kid’s kidnappers by tracking the live location of kid’s telephones. In this process, parents can easily guarantee the safety of kids and defend them from any threat or possible danger.

How to Use FamiSafe app:

Wondershare FamiSafe is an app to limit the screen time of youngsters’ phones. The application consumes more insignificant space on kids’ phones and works in hidden mode. Parents can get all the data like call records, incoming and outgoing texts, and communications on social media profiles, and chat records on Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp. Not just this, FamiSafe app has different photodetection features that can be checked quickly by using a remote parent device at the time of need to set screen time limit. It is very easy to use. You just need to download this app on your children’s device. Login in to your app account, select your identity as a kid and insert your child age and name. Grant assured entrance to the Famisafe app.


Fami safe screen is available on google play store, AppStore, and Amazon. You can access them through the links that we added in this article.

Cost and Price Plans for this App:

FamiSafe is identified as having affordable recommendations that suit your requirements. You can select from monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans. The monthly plan takes $9.99 per month, the quarterly program is $6.66 by month and yearly plan is $4.99 by month.


FamiSafe app is a very useful app for parents. Parents give this app a high priority. Parents should keep an eye on their kids while using this app. Through this app, children are under the supervision of their parents. And children can watch their childrenís activities from anywhere. And parents can train their children well.