How to clean vinyl siding using a pressure washer: recommendation on the cleaning process

vinyl siding

Pressure washing strategies

If you want to get the siding of your house sparkling clean, it is time to discover how to clean vinyl siding with a pressure washer, expert opinion on such a procedure, and alternative methods of washing. The growing popularity of vinyl as the top materials of cladding is indisputable. It is a cost-effective option that adds an aesthetic component to any property, increasing its curb appeal.

Another reason for the high demand is low maintenance, as vinyl-sided houses donít need to be repainted with time. However, vinyl cladding can accumulate some dirt, and stains can appear on the surface, making your home less visually pleasant. How to avoid it? Most experts in installation recommend to regularly wash your siding with the proper tools. So, professionals of one of a trustworthy American remodeling company UBrothers Construction suggest applying a pressure washing to eliminate grime and keep your exterior fresh.

For a cleaning procedure of a horizontal or vertical siding made of vinyl, house owners can pick one of the following pressure washing strategies:

  • hire a professional company for having a safer approach, washing hard-to-reach places, avoiding breathing in chemicals, and saving your time;
  • rent a pressure washer to avoid storage hassle; it will be less expensive in case of infrequent usage;
  • purchase a pressure washer to be able to start cleaning any time you want relying on your own skills.

Most Americans prefer the first option and not only for vinyl cladding but for wooden or aluminum siding. For the washing process of siding, Worcester homeowners can also order the services of specialists. But, of course, it requires an additional budget. Thatís why if you feel like doing it yourself, the following advice will come in handy.

Tips for beginners on how to clean vinyl siding with a pressure washer

For keeping cladding in good condition and ensuring its durability and perfect look, it is needed to pressure wash it at least once a year. To apply a DIY tactic successfully, a responsible house owner must develop a careful plan of action to refresh a homeís exterior in just a few simple steps:

Check siding condition. You must inspect your siding thoroughly, checking damages and cracks through which water can penetrate. If there is a risk that siding pieces may fall off, then it is better to contact professionals in repairing and replacement. But if everything looks good, you can start your job, making sure all windows and doors are closed.

Prepare the work area. The perimeter around your home with all objects, pots, outdoor furniture and accessories must be protected. Donít forget to cover all vents, decorative outdoor lights, and outlets. Take care of your plants, so they are not affected by chemicals.

Safety first. Be ready to invest not only in the pressure washer but also in personal protective equipment.

The right vinyl siding cleaners. You must pick a detergent solution that was compounded for pressure washers. Otherwise, you can damage your washer. For your safety, buy only non-toxic products. To properly add a solution to your machine, use a manual.

Time for new siding. If you notice holes, gaps, color imperfections, or you want to increase resale value, it wonít be enough just to wash your cladding. The wise decision will be to contact professional installers who can consult you and help to remodel your residence according to your budget and timeframe. A home renovation company like UBrothers Construction can satisfy all your needs offering a customized solution for upgrading your home.