How to Choose the Right Laptop for You


If you are not technology-focused and do not know much about computers, it might come as a surprise that a laptop is not just a laptop and that there are different factors you can look out for to ensure you get the best machine for you. However, technology can often feel like an entirely different language, and if you feel like you might need some help deciphering what it all means, then do not worry!

Follow this guide to help you make the right choice when it comes to computer features.

Pick Your Operating System

Windows used to be just the operating system that came with computers, but since then, Apple has released its own software Macintosh (Mac), and Chrome OS is also another contender. It is up to you which platform you want to pick, as they each can offer different pros and cons.

If you opt for a Windows operating system, they are considered the most flexible platform, as it runs on more types of models of laptops, such as lenovo, over Mac or Chrome OS. This means there is so much more choice when it comes to finding the laptop of your dreams.

A Mac operating system functions similarly to Windows but allows you to sync up your other Apple products with your laptop, such as your iPhone and Apple Watch, which some people find useful.

Chrome has been around for the least amount of time and is installed on Chromebooks – a smaller app-based laptop. It suits those who need to respond to emails or chat online – perfect for school and has better inbuilt security than Windows and Mac.

 Laptop and Screen Size

The screen size of your laptop will be a preference thing. If you are planning on taking your laptop around with you for traveling or using it on the go, then a smaller screen might suit you better for portability. However, if you are mostly going to be using your laptop at home or in one place, then opting for a larger screen can give you a bigger visual space for activities like films or photos and is often correlated with more processing power for those who love gaming. Larger screens are also better for those with impaired eyesight.


What kind of processor for you will largely depend on what you need to use your laptop for. To keep things simple, let’s focus on the difference between a dual-processor and a quad processor.

A dual-processor, which comes with most laptops now, allows you to do several tasks at once, change over tabs and windows efficiently, and have more than one program running at any given time. This processor is more than adequate for those who need to write documents, watch their favorite shows, and browse the internet.

The quad processors are a great option for those who need to run more demanding softwares such as music creating, editing videos, or gaming. It will always be worth spending that extra bit of money on an upgrade for a dual-processor if you use creative software!