How to Choose the Perfect Slot to Play for Real Money

Technology and design has developed so much these days, it has become impossible to choose a slot game. If you’re a fan of online casino slots today, you have a choice of thousands of different games, all perfectly designed and equally enticing.

Over the past few years, we have witnessed not only a growth in NZ online casinos numbers, but also a growth in the number of games found online. Right now, you can simply log in on Wi-Fi, look for a casino online, and get access to every slot machine that exists in land-based casinos. To be more, thanks to the accessibility of online casinos, you can now play slots that are only available online.

But, regardless of how great this all sounds, there’s definitely an issue here. When you have so many real money slots at your disposal, how do you make a choice?

Lucky for you, we have created the best guide that will teach you how to choose the slots to play. The first step to take when you aim to win at slots is to pick the right ones. Here is how you do it.

Choose the Slots with Highest Payouts

When you play for real money, you can’t afford to pick just any game and test your luck. Yes, gambling is mostly about luck, but it is also about making the right choices and using the right techniques. Therefore, your first step must always be to choose the games with highest payouts.

How do you do this?

All this can be determined by something called RTP. RTP refers to return to player rate. It is basically the percentage of all the money a slot pays back to the players. For example, a slot can have an RTP rate of 50%, while another one can have an RTP rate of 95%. If it has the latter, you can expect around 95p back for a pound wagered. And this is just an estimate – you can actually win a lot more than the estimated rate.

No matter how your luck turns out, your best odds are with slots with an RTP rates that’s above 94%.

How to Find a Slot’s RTP

You probably think that this is a hard thing to do, but finding the RTP of a slot is actually really easy today. You just need to google the name of the slot and the word RTP. Or, you can read the reviews from other players and determine it on your own.

Some casinos list the RTP of their games within the game, state it in the paytable of the slot, the help section, or any other informational field on the site.

Consider Your Budget

The term good slot can mean completely different things to different people. Some people will love the slots you hate. One slot can be amazing with big deposit, while others can be perfect for those on a tight budget. That is why, when you’re picking the slots to play, you must consider your budget.

You do this by checking the maximum and minimum bet size and the slot volatility. Also referred to as variance, the slot volatility shows how risky a slot is. If the slot has high volatility, it has bigger wins and higher risk. If it has low volatility, it gives more frequent, but smaller rewards.

So, basically, if you play on a budget, a high volatility slot isn’t a great idea. These slots can give you a fortune, but you need to spin for quite some time in order to get there. If you are, however, ready to spend the big bucks and want to play for a longer period of time, you should go for the high volatility slots.

To figure out the slot’s volatility, you need to play the slot. You don’t have to do this for long. Go for roughly 50 to 100 spins and calculate the results. How frequent are the winnings? How big are they?

Another way to do this is by reading reviews from other players who’ve tested the slot volatility.

Find Trusted Operators

Bonus features and promotions can be rewarding, but before you make your decision based on how attractive the casino looks, check how reliable it is. The growing casino industry consists of bad and good casinos, as well as slot games. The good thing here is that people speak up when a casino doesn’t meet their expectations. This makes picking trusted providers that much easier for you.

Go with Your Gut

The idea behind playing casino games online is to have fun and win some money. This means that choosing a slot just because you’ve read good things about it is not good enough. Before anything else, the slots you put money in have to fit your preferences. You should only play the slots that you find fun and exciting.

Thankfully, with so many options given to players today, there’s something for everyone.

Go Through the List

While you’re looking for the slots you’ll be playing, there’s a short list you should be going through. This list will determine your time for playing, your entertainment, as well as how and when you’ll be able to play.

1. Themes

There are many games you can choose between today. You’ll find that slots have different themes. From fruits to aliens, different characters to narratives – slots can be very different.

2. Bonuses and promotions

To reel you in and make you pick their slots, casinos will offer you free spins and other bonuses. Some of the bonuses will only be applicable to a certain slots game. You should learn about these before you make your decision.

3. Mobile compatibility

To be able to play the slots whenever you please, you must make sure that they are available on mobile, too. Consider this when you’re picking the slots to play.

The bottom line is, choosing the slots to play is something completely up to you. Consider your budget, your preferences, and your techniques.

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