How to Choose Cheap Android Tablet PC

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Selecting the perfect cheap Android Tablet is not so easy. This is because a lot of Android tablets are available at low prices nowadays. Android is an operating system that powers tablets from different brands created by electronic companies. These include international-level brands like Sony, Huawei and Samsung as well as new and local companies as they desire to benefit from the increasing popularity of Android tablets.

Presently, there are numerous cheap yet amazing Android tablets available in the market. If you too are planning to buy one, we have some useful tips for you to consider before purchasing a cheap Android Tablet.

1. What You Are Planning to Use It For

First of all, think about the use of the Android tablet for you. You should consider a lot of factors before buying a tablet and the most important of all is the use of the tablet. An Android tablet lets you use the internet, watch videos and movies and do office work. If you too want to achieve all these features, you should go for a tablet PC.

2. Set Your Budget but Look Beyond the Price

Stay away from getting a cheap Android tablet considering its price tag. Android tablets come in the price range of 2k to over 50k. Buying an expensive tablet does not essentially get you a superior quality device. Consider your requirements and choose wisely. Even low-priced tablets offer high performance that meets your needs. Check out the collection of cheap tablets at DHgate, the world’s leading marketplace of wholesale tablets.

3. The Manufacturer

See that you choose affordable Android tablet from good brands. Select a company with service centers located in your area and that has a reputation for introducing latest operating systems versions. Some of the great choices for popular manufacturers with great reputation are Samsung and Huawei. However, please note that any damage to your tablet can cost repair charges.

4. Processor

Samsung Exynos: These processors are the fastest, most rivaling and the best performing. Latest quad-core Samsung Exynos 5250 offers amazing performance with all the applications and games.

Nvidia Tegra 3: The Nvidia signature mobile chip is a highly complex quad-core processor that facilitates fast navigation and offers high frame rates.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 4: Presently running on lesser tablets, this dual-core processor runs on the Adreno 225 CPU. It also gives a high performance.

5. Tablet Sizes

Android Tablets are classified into three categories depending on the screen sizes – small, medium and large.

  • Small (7 to 7.9-inches):

Tablets having a screen size of 7 to 8 inches are called Small tablets. They are generally available at low prices and are portable. Such tablets can be easily held in one hand and operated using other hand. This makes small tablets quite user-friendly and easy-to-use. Such tablets are preferred by new users.

  • Medium (8.9 to 10.1 inches):

Medium sized tablets have somewhat larger screens with higher resolutions. Big screens are suitable for those users who want to play games and watch movies. Their memory and processor are faster in comparison to small size tablets.

  • Large (Over 10.1 inches):

Such tablets are not so widely available in the electronic market. These tablets have fast processors, large screens and high resolutions. They are like smaller versions of Personal Computers.

6. Screen Quality

Cheap android tablet screen resolution and panel type decide the quality of the screen. Higher the resolution, sharper the graphics are. The Panel type would decide if the images on the tablet maintain the quality when you view them from various angles. Thus, you should see that the tablet you select has panel with In-Plane Switching or Plane Line Switching screen. Screen resolution lesser than this can reduce the quality of the screen.

7. Storage

Another highly important feature in an Android Tablet is Storage Capacity. A tablet with minimum internal storage of 8 GB can be considered to be a good option. This is because the tablet’s operating system as well as applications occupies about 25 percent of the memory available. Thus, a tablet with 8 GB storage gives you only 6 GB for use. A lower memory tablet will give you much less space to store your data. Hence, it is better to choose tablets having higher storage and memory expansion features like mini SD cards and micro SD cards.

8. Battery Life

As Android Tablets are designed to be carried along, you should look for good battery life in your device. Tablets with higher battery back-up make it easy to travel with them as you need not worry about charging. Go for batteries higher than 2000 MAh.

9. Camera

One of the most important features users look for in a device is Camera. People prefer Android tablets featuring front as well as rear camera. See that you select the tablet having a camera with good resolution to be able to capture high quality pictures and videos with its rear camera and make video calls using front camera option.

10. Connectivity

Most of the tablets available in the market these days have Wi-Fi support and allow easy connectivity to the internet. You can choose from two types of devices – with Wi-Fi only and with Wi-Fi and 3G support. Getting the tablet with 3G support is better as one can insert a SIM card to be able to benefit from the internet connectivity on the go. Such 3G tablets come with video and voice call support. See that your tablet has HDMI connectivity option and the updated Bluetooth version. This ensures that you can easily share data with others and enjoy movies and videos seamlessly.

11. Your Preference on the Look and Feel

Today, the market is flooded with numerous options for affordable Android tablets. This makes it difficult to choose the device for you. Some of them might be luxurious with beautiful details and quality construction while others feature attractive colors and features. Some others come with a great-looking screen while others appear to be dim and dull. It is a good idea to visit electronic stores and see the tablets on offer. You can test, feel, touch, play and look at them to find out which tablet is ideal for you.

In summary

It is easy to find high quality cheap Android Tablets in the market from reputed brands like Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus and Kindle Fire HD. Those who want to buy an Android tablet from another brand can compare the options. You can compare prices and specifications of different models from these brands to optimize your choice. We hope our guide to finding cheap Android tablets helps you get the perfect tablet device for yourself and your family. Don’t forget to Like and Share if you find the article useful.