How to Choose Camera for Vlogging

What camera should you vlog with to create a qualitative content and increase the number of subscribers? It depends. Are you just starting out blogging? How often are you planning to vlog? What budget do you have?

Picking a camera depends on so many factors. Mainly it depends on how serious you are about filming and making it more than just a hobby. If you have never filmed anything for YouTube and haven’t decided yet on which type of content might be the best one for your channel, start with an iPhone. Probably you already have it and it is compact enough to film inconspicuous when you’re out and about, but don’t feel comfortable enough to vlog in public places. If you are ready to invest in your channel, start with a vlog camera flip screen technology at least.

Here are a few things you have to pay attention to when looking for a good, long lasting camera for vlogging.

Tips & Tricks on How to Pick a Vlog Camera

There is a lot of really good equipment for video bloggers available on the market at the moment. This makes choosing the right camera even a more difficult decision to take.

It is great if you want to increase the quality of your content with the equipment you use. But don’t rush to buy the most expensive camera recommended by your favorite blogger. An individual approach is a must.

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  • First of all, what your channel is about? Are you a travel blogger? Are you a lifestyle blogger? Or maybe you are a cooking blogger? The type of YouTuber you are defines how big, small, heavy or lightweight your camera should be. The more you move and travel while filming, the lighter your equipment should be to carry it around. So, always take it into account before even looking for a camera. You have to know what sizes of equipment you are expecting to find.
  • The most expensive equipment is not necessarily what you are after. If it is the first steps in blogging, do not invest in anything really expensive.
  • Look for the models with a flip-up screen. This type of camera is perfectly capable of doing both sit-down videos and daily vlogs on the go. It is great for beginners, who haven’t used yet to holding their camera in a correct position while filming. A flip screen allows you to monitor what you’re filming at the moment.
  • Another great choice is a GoPro camera. If you have a GoPro, you can film the best sceneries ever from the most interesting angles, including underwater photography. Having a GoPro allows you to film on a bicycle, on a snowboard, or while surfing a wave without using your hands. Just place it on a helmet. But before doing it, practice a little bit and explore the area where you’re planning to film. So you won’t crash a camera into other stuff like trees or fences.

Stick to these four basic principles if you want to find the right vlogging camera for yourself.