How to Choose a Radar Detector for your Car

The freedom of driving without worrying about speeding-tickets is an awesome feeling. And the best way to do this is having a radar detector. To reap maximum benefits from a radar detector, you need to choose one that fits all your needs and has the right features. Today, you can find a simple radar detector or ergonomic designs with the latest technology that include GPS and smartphone integration.
Radar detectors provide convenient and affordable protection, not just to the speeding tickets but also from driving hazards. To choose the best radar detector, you need to understand how they work, types, and the necessary features. With this information, you will be able to choose the best radar detector 2019.


1.Types of radar detectors 

There are different types of radar detectors that include corded, cordless and remote-mount radar detectors.

  • Corded radar detectors – you mount them on your car’s windscreen through suction-cups and offer the best range when detection is concerned. They are also affordable and simple to install. A corded radar detector can detect all types of signals. However, they are visible, especially to police office and thieves.
  • Cordless radar detector – they are moved easily between cars and offer simpler and cleaner installation than the corded models. But since they operate on batteries, they do not take up much space like the corded ones. One major disadvantage of cordless radar detectors is that they are a bit expensive.
  • Remote-mount radar detectors – they are permanently attached to your car. They offer a very clean installation that is not virtually detectable by anyone. However, they are the most expensive types of radar detectors. They also need to be installed professionally. This can cost you more money and time.


2.The necessary features 

When choosing a radar detector, it is important to examine the necessary features. Some of the features include:


  • Laser detection – a radar detector with one-laser sensor works fast and provides accurate readings than the traditional models. You can also get a 360-degrees laser detection that has two sensors. It will detect sides, in front and behind pulses. Even though it is the most reliable, it is expensive.
  • City & highway mode – this is a necessary feature found in many radar detectors. You should use the city mode while driving on the urban roads, and highway mode when driving on more open spaces like highways or county roads. The highway mode is a bit sensitive and provides advanced warning.
  • VG-2 or Spectre protection – normally, police rely on Spectre and VG-2 to help them detect radar detectors. This feature will shut your device before you are caught by police.
  • Voice alerts – the feature will help you concentrate on driving, and only wait for a voice alert. It is a bit costly but you are not likely to be involved in an accident.
  • High K-band-sensitivity – this feature will alert you in case of radar guns in the area so that you can slow down. A radar detector with high K-band-sensitivity can even detect more advanced radar.


3.Optional features

When choosing a radar detector, it is also good to decide on optional features. Some of the features include:


  • GPS technology – today, most police officers use red-light-cameras on highways. GPS technology will alert you in case there are these cameras. So, if you normally drive in areas with such cameras, GPS technology is important.
  • Auto mute feature – when using traditional models, you will notice that radar alerts will constantly sound until you are out of range of the radar-gun. But with the modern models, there is the auto-mute feature. You can choose the option if you feel alerts are distracting you.
  • Smartphone compatibility – most modern radar detectors have this great feature. The model allows you to download an application to your phone. Then you will enter enforcement areas into the app as you meet them. You can rest your radar detector, particularly if you are driving in areas that have banned radar detectors.



With the above tips, you can easily choose the right radar detector for your car. Try several models before choosing the best radar detector. It is also important to note that if you have films applied to your car’s windscreen, your radar detector’s performance might be affected. For maximum results, you may need to get rid of tint film or metallic film.


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