How to Choose a Foot Deodorant

Foot Deodorant

Have you ever experienced taking your shoes off while buying a new pair, but immediately had to wear them back on because your feet smelled terrible? Foot odor is common, and although you may try to control the odor, it just doesnít seem to go away. When your feet sweat inside the shoes, the bacteria from the skin reacts with the sweat and cause the foul odor. As soon as the smell starts spreading, you will notice people looking at you, and that is embarrassing. The smell doesnít go even if you dry your feet.

Many people use talcum powder, but it is not as effective as you think. Plus, it will get messy with dead skin accumulating and bacteria building up inside the shoes. The ideal way to deal with smelly feet is by using an effective foot deodorant spray.

Wondering if they are the same as the deodorants you use on your armpits? No, they are slightly different. Foot deodorant makers use the finest essential oils to drive foot odor away. Manscaped is a brand to trust if you are looking for high-quality foot deodorants. But what are the features to look for in this type of deodorant? Letís find out:

1. Made from anti-bacterial essential oils

The first thing to look for is the ingredients used to make the foot deodorant. Always buy one that guarantees 100% essential oils. They destroy the shoe and foot odor, leaving a sweet fragrance to save the embarrassment of smelly feet.

2. Good packaging

The packaging of the foot deodorant is very crucial. Since the ingredients contain essential oils, it is better to buy a deodorant spray that comes in BPA free aluminum bottles. Plastic bottles often hamper the therapeutic properties of these oils and donít retain the aroma that they are known for. High-quality aluminum bottles, on the other hand, donít let the formula of essential oils to deteriorate.

3. Strong scent

There are many reasons why you may have smelly feet. It can be due to the excess sweat or the reaction of sweat with the leather shoes. Whatever the reason may be, you need to ensure that the fragrance of the foot deodorant is strong enough to counter the odor of your smelly feet. However, donít choose a scent that is so strong that it makes you and the others nauseous. Everyone will come to know about your scented feet if the fragrance is too strong. It should just be enough to drive the foul smell away. You shouldnít use it as a body deodorant.

4. Perfect for sensitive skin

The foot deodorant you choose should not become the reason for rashes and allergies after a few days. Make sure that the manufacturer guarantees that the deodorant is safe for all skin types. You can also spray the deodorant inside your shoe or sandal once to avoid the risk of emitting the foul smell.

Keep your feet fresh and odor-free with high-quality foot deodorants. They are a necessity if you have smelly feet because you wouldnít want to be the center of attention for the wrong reasons.

Image Credits: Foot Deodorant from nito /Shutterstock