How To Change Your Gmail Name

Your Google account and your Gmail email id have become one of the most important sources of your identification in the world of internet because they have been able to connect you with the maximum number of contacts and most of the people recognize you with the username that has been incorporated in your Gmail ID.

What Are The Most Significant Ways To Change the Gmail names?

There can be a situation when you have to change your Gmail name, but you do not know the process.

There is nothing to worry about because it is a very easy process that can easily be conducted with the easy steps that have been summarized in the following way The same has been given as follows.

Steps for changing names

They have been explained in the following way.

Open Gmail on a laptop or computer

First of all, it is important that on your computer you should open your Gmail There can be an inbuilt Gmail application of Gmail on your computer application.

You can also log in to your Gmail by entering the required details on the web browser and clicking on the login button.

Once you open your Gmail Account in Mobile, even on your Web Browser or the computer application, the next steps can be easily followed.

Go to settings

Once you have opened your Gmail account on your computer, the next step is to make the changes to the required settings of changing the username in your Gmail account.

For undertaking the changes to the different types of settings in a Gmail account, you must go to the top right corner of the window.

There will be a small icon for settings, and you have to click on them, and ultimately, the list of all the types of settings you can change gets displayed before you. This list will ultimately help you to change your name instantly.

Click on accounts

Out of this drop-down list, you are required to click on the accounts tab.

This section would be able to provide the details like send email as. You are then required to enter your email.

After entering your basic email, you can make the changes to the address that you want to make.

You can choose any username with the help you want to get yourself identified on your Gmail email ID.

Once you have made the amendments, you have to follow the next steps given the pointer as follows.

Click on save

Another important step that you have to fulfil after incorporating all the changes is to click on the save changes option given on the lower hand side.

All the list of the changes that you have made will get saved accordingly.


It has to be remembered that it is a very easy step to incorporate the required amount of changes, and you can do that easily by following the list that has been given as follows.

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