How To Calculate Amazon Seller Fees?

Amazon Seller

Every person who intends to join Amazon as a seller will have to face a complicated process of trading. This is not only the procedure that involves a seller and a customer; this is where the fees of the largest international marketplace reveal themselves. To get aware of the number of potential fees and not be surprised after the deal, sellers widely utilize the Amazon seller fees calculator. This is an extremely useful tool enabling everyone to stay on top of their selling progress and success. 

What is Amazon Seller Fees Calculator?

Amazon focuses on being an absolutely transparent and user-friendly trading site. It provides every seller with clearly set terms and conditions as well as a tool to calculate potential profits and collected fees. Such an established and successfully implemented system was designed to facilitate the process of selling. However, this is not a rare case when Amazon collects a larger percentage than it was indicated. Many sellers get confused when they receive lower profits than what they expected. Thatís why in order to build a prolific business on Amazon, the profound knowledge of Amazon fees calculation, issues that have an influence on it, and ways of their reducing, are crucial to obtain.

What Fees Are Charged By Amazon?

The account in Seller Central is able to show the main fees you will be charged by the marketplace. It represents the most popular options, like Amazon fee, Product Cost, and some others. However, you must remember that every action on the market will result in collected fees. Some of them are more expensive, some of them are cheap, but still, there are more than 80 different kinds of commissions you will have to pay. In general, all the fees on Amazon can be divided into several types:

–          Account Fees. This group includes various commissions for different services. First of all, you will have to pay for the Amazon Subscription or give the percentage out of every deal. Some other important payments involve packaging, terms and conditions of shipping, advertising programs, goods storage and transportation, and delivery confirmation. In other words, the fees will be collected out of the whole process of selling an item.

–          Orders and Refund Fees. As a seller, you have to compensate for your Amazon utilization. Moreover, it is necessary to pay fees for all the actions performed by the Amazon team as a MarketPlace Facilitator. This group also represents multiple taxes and refund commissions.

–          Adjustment Fees. This payment takes place when Amazon has already given you some profit and wants its money back for the lost goods or a return.

–          Other types of fees. If sellers do not trade for a long time or their deals are not highly profitable, then there appears a debt for goods storage. Of course, Amazon is interested in reducing the number of such cases, thatís why it takes the money from your account.

How to Calculate Amazon Seller Fees?

If you got used to working with a traditional Amazon calculator, you will be impressed with how much fees it hides from you. SageSeller offers a high-quality professional service for accurate calculation. Being connected to your account, it provides a detailed list of required commissions for every performed action. Moreover, you can inquire about the general report and analyze the total sum of fees or establish the desired time period and its charges.

In Conclusion

SageSeller helps to overcome the possible misunderstandings and future surprises provided by Amazon. If you want to get aware and stay in full control of every dollar on your account, it is advisable to take advantage of a third-party effective service. Only a clear understanding of where your money disappears is the first step in your prolific career.