How To Bypass The Government’s Strict Laws On Lotteries


India is a country which loves gambling of any kind and the popularity of lotteries, in particular, is fast growing. Although there are strict gambling restrictions in India, it is still relatively easy to enjoy the excitement of playing the lottery. Many individual states allow people to buy tickets both at land retailers and online, including those for government-run lotteries. The ability to play online today gives a level of freedom that overcomes any local limitations and opens up your choice in this globalised world. 

The Indian Gambling Regulations 

Despite this love of gambling, it is still prohibited in most forms, and there is not much available in India that is legalised or regulated. Most of the laws relating to gambling are outdated and full of grey areas, particularly relating to online gambling. As India allows gambling legislation at both state and federal level, things can become extremely confusing. However, one area that is not strictly prohibited is taking a lucky chance on the various lotteries. 

Play From A State That Allows Lotteries

Over three years ago, the Supreme Court in India ruled that local state governments could completely ban the sale of lottery tickets. Many of the individual states chose to legalise them. Lotteries are governed by the Lotteries (Regulation) Act, 1998, which defines the guidelines for conducting lotteries, and each jurisdiction ensures all draws take place fairly and comply with these regulations. Today, lottery is legal in 13 Indian states; making it relatively easy to play from a state that allows lotteries, including West Bengal, Punjab, Goa and Sikkim. 

Since the decision to legalise lotteries is a local one, this has also led to the implementation of several government-run lotteries. Kerala, Sikkim and Punjab State Lottery are the three most popular ones, offering a host of weekly and monthly draws and some high prizes. The biggest state lottery overall is Playwin Indian Lottery, run by the government in Sikkim. The largest jackpot win at Playwin was won on the Super Lotto and amounted to over Rs.17 Crore. 

Play Online Lotteries Outside India 

Another option for avid Indian players is to seek the huge prizes available on international lotteries. The current gambling laws do not affect online lotteries outside India. Draws do not take place in India itself, so they are governed by outside legislation, for instance, UK jurisdiction. Indian residents of any state can therefore play, irrespective of the local state laws in force.

Also you can play online lotteries outside of India, you can compare which lottery has the best odds and the biggest jackpot.

This means that hundreds of life-changing lotteries like the mighty US Powerball and Mega Millions are just a click away. Worldwide mega-lotteries provide Indian fans with almost limitless opportunities and some seriously impressive jackpots. There is a diverse choice from Euromillions or the UK Lotto to the infamous Spanish Christmas lottery, El Gordo, which is awaited worldwide. The US Powerball is as big as it gets with the world record for a payout of 1.5 billion dollars in 2016. Maybe it’s time to invest in a ticket!