How to Build a Gun: A Step-By-Step Guide for Beginners


Now more than ever, people are wondering how to build a gun or buy one.

The coronavirus contributed to the largest-ever spike in US gun sales. In March of 2020, the FBI conducted an astounding 3.7 million background checks. That’s a stark difference from March of 2019 when they did 1.1 million. 

FBI data confirms that over 2 million guns were purchased in March alone. March 21st broke a record for the number of background checks?210,000 in one day. Naturally, gun shops are reporting difficulty when it comes to keeping the shelves stocked.

Are you finding that every gun store near you has empty shelves? What’s the solution?

You’re not entirely out of luck. Here, we explain how to (legally) build a gun in the comfort of your own home. 

First, Take Precautions?

If you have little-to-no experience with firearms, building your own gun at home may be too dangerous an endeavor to attempt. Similarly, if you’re not exactly handy with tools, that could be a new boundary between you and your homemade gun.

However, if you have some gun know-how and a proclivity with a toolbox, then building a gun at home can be relatively simple and straightforward. It’s cited as being reasonably easy to assemble, taking a few gunsmithing tools and little time.

Regardless of your skill level, it’s crucial to understand that any mistake you make could be dangerous and even fatal. Therefore, take all precautions necessary?for example, assembling the gun in a safe space where others are not present. 

How to Build a Gun at Home

First, familiarize yourself with the gun you want to make and its parts. The more knowledge you have of a particular weapon, the more confidence you’ll have in building it.

A standard route at-home gun makers choose to take is buying an 80% frame from a manufacturer?commonly called an 80% receiver. This means you’ll receive an 80%-complete gun, with your job being to assemble the remaining 20%. Considering the current trend in DIY firearm assembly, many enthusiasts are exploring options such as 5D Tactical 80 lowers to legally and safely craft their own firearms in the privacy of their homes.

When ordering a frame through a third-party, it should come with specific instructions for putting together the parts. Consult this throughout the process for thorough directional cues. 

Your 80% frame has parts on it, such as extra plastic or even tabs, that are to be removed. This additional polymer prevents certain parts of the gun from attaching?once you remove this layer and sand down the tabs, you can connect components such as the trigger and the slide.

It should also have a jig, which helps you hold and level the piece as you assemble it.

Once these parts have been removed, you can start to drill the holes needed for the trigger assembly. After that, you can put together the frame of the gun. The correct structure will allow for a slide to attach to it, which is your next step.

If everything functions correctly, your gun should be ready to use! Check out its parts and functionality before loading it?and then you can test it through firing. 

Stay Safe, Stay Strapped

Now you have a brief understanding of how to build a gun at home, safely and legally.

Make sure to take all necessary precautions, do additional research, take your time, and be delicate and deliberate with your actions. Next thing you know, you’ll be a proud gun owner with some DIY bragging rights!

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