How to become a spy

In the vast world of online dating apps there is hardly any privacy left we find ourselves vulnerable to all kinds of attacks and spyware. We find ourselves stuck in the melee of apps that are found on the phone. However, since there are so many apps out there cheating on your spouse has become a thing most convenient. There are many apps that enable us to connect with strangers and have a little fun sexting. Yes, though they say is healthy if you want cheat on your spouse it’s the easiest thing to do. Since there are no connected telephones and your fingerprint is your ID its easy to hide your miscreant side in the apps.

Beware though, not only are there many apps out there that encourage you to cheat on your spouse there are an equal number of apps that will make you a 007 and can help you in catching someone cheating. Its time to don the hood, on the quiet in catching someone cheating.

Listed below are some apps to catch a cheater which might tickle the detective in you.

  1. Getting to know the avid caller

Is there more than one time that “work” is calling? Have you found your spouse smiling at the name flashing on the screen repeatedly? Its time you put your Sherlock phone to the task. Though there are no certain apps that will help you find the name. Just installing some spyware and putting your phone near the culprit phone will enable you to get the number that has been repeatedly calling. And then there’s True Caller to do the rest.

  1. Night Sounds

If you don’t want interusive apps you can catch someone cheating by just downloading one of the apps and placing your phone near them you can secretly spy on your cheating spouse. With these recorders you can catch their movements without them really knowing.

  1. Get them caught up on the history

There are a number of apps that help us track our travel and finances. However, these apps secretly also track and log all our movements. If you happen to have access to your spouse’s phone you will be able to log and get a log of what’s been happening and where all they have been going. This will take your spying to the next level.

  1. All you need is one letter

Okay so if none of the abovementioned is working for you. All you need to do it log into a computer and get active by just typing out their initials. And this will give you a full work up on who is going to be the most contacted person by your partner. Also you could get a sneak peek into the emails and the messages that they have been sending.

Here are some tips that will help you to catch someone cheating. There is spyware that will help you determine the person and how are they cheating on you.  You don’t need a magnifying glass and a hat …but only your smartphone and apps to catch a cheater.