How to become a perfect essay writer?


You’ve never thought about yourself as a scientist. Long evenings with a pile of books written in a hard to comprehend language are not for you. But whatever your career path is going to be, you’re obligated either on school or college levels to write essays.
This assignment requires certain congenital skills like assiduity, curiosity, analytical mind, and helps to develop research, critical thinking, material presentation, etc. abilities. The grade of their development mirror in the number and the sort of difficulties students should overcome. And in addition to it, there are psychological issues like insecurity or an illusion of limited freedom that almost every young adult is struggling with.
In the opinion of, no matter what initial conditions are, anyone can improve their academic writing skills. To understand what aspects you should work on it’s essential to define what distinguishes an effective writer.

Criterions of a good essay writer


Even if you’re an undergraduate and don’t have significant enough knowledge basis you should anyway form your writing as a professional. Use reliable and respected sources; support your statement with evidence; avoid uncertainty, fictional facts and excessive persistence in promoting your ideas.


Scientific writing demands the formal language and style as well as minimum of non-related to the topic information. Even the matter background description should be intended only for a short clarification.


It should be your writing habit - presenting material as logically constructed and well-structured document. Make references and provide comments for lesser-known arguments and explanations for your thoughts.


Mentioned dates, names, facts, numbers, calculations, etc. should be precise and proven. Your writing shouldn’t have any grammar, punctuation or semantic mistakes.


Even if you’re given a standard, frequently discussed topic always try to find new angles. Make it interesting for you and your reader. Don’t write just because you have to.

What decrease the level of writers and their work?

Inappropriate language

Using humor, idioms, anecdotes, etc. is fine for some papers, but even there it should be justified. Words that are describing society sensitive subjects should be meticulously selected.

Banality or excessive originality

Since school curriculums are rarely changed, there are many essays on the same topics. You can check out many examples on your matter but don’t entirely form your paper on their basis or in opposite try unreasonably to come up as an extraordinary writer.


Intellectual property is not just words. By stealing someone else’s thoughts and claiming them as your own, you jeopardize your reputation. Creating your paper with copied parts of different sources wouldn’t be appreciated as well.

Top 5 habits of a good essay writer


Everything should be done on time including an essay topic choice, paper completion and passing it for evaluation. The best way to achieve that is to make up a personal schedule and stick to it.


Postponing and procrastination are the things you should get rid of. Avoid distraction during the process and reward yourself for successful results.

Requirements first, work later

It’s always tempting to jump into work and get familiar with demanded aspects along the way. But in this situation, it can double the amount of work. For academic writing, there are standard regulations for paper structures and formatting. Not to mention your teachers’ specific inquiries.


It concerns not only an essay itself but also an organization of the writing process. Look for more suitable task completion strategies for you, try different surrounding conditions, discuss the topic with your friends or tutors to get new ideas, if acceptable supply your paper with graphic materials.


It’s one of the most tedious tasks of this assignment, but its necessity is non-alternative. You can employ various software to correct orthography, punctuation and other language attributes but don’t completely rely on them. You should read your essay from top to bottom to revise or exclude also messed-up, unclear or redundant parts.

Why do you need to become a good essay writer?

If excellent school grades are not enough motivating rewards for you to become a qualified paper writer, think about it as a training for your future. All stages you need to go through will be useful for your prospective employment.


Modern companies have a minimum time for internships and new employees’ probation. During this period, you should show your capacity for allotted tasks that you might not have enough knowledge basis for.
Here your research skill will come in handy. Browsing the Internet for tutorials, searching out needed information for conferences, etc. Even results of the task of booking your boss a hotel for his summer vacation will benefit from your Web proficiency.

Providing a quality statement

Affirmations are the part of our daily communication. In the work environment, our sayings became more valuable and influential. Your message should always be adequately comprehended and heard.
None of these goals will be achieved without advanced information presentation skills. Whether it’s a letter to a client or an annual report it should be well-written, structured and reasonable. Sound familiar, isn’t it?

Proving a point and concluding

You can’t get your way without supplying your demands or declarations with evidence. The college assignments like the essay with your responsible involvement will take care of your intelligence and abilities to perform that.
Actions are naturally followed by consequences. Summarizing the experience and drawing exhortatory conclusions are vital skills for the personality development.


For the majority of people to redo something is easier than to revise even own work because it requires a doubled level of concentration.
For some professions like an editor or a teacher texts evaluation is a daily routine. Essay proofreading helps to come out with the most suitable task techniques for you.

Writer habits advantages

Listed above characteristics you can apply in almost every living situation. Time-management, individual organization, conscientiousness and uncommonness will help you climb even the longest career ladder.

Start improving your writing skills today!