How to Be Organized and Productive in the New School Year

Organized and Productive

Every student who has just finished another year of formal education is probably excited to leave all the projects, studying and tests behind, at least for a short while. Still, while the period before the start of a new school year should be used to relax and get some good rest, it would be wrong to assume that come the next school year, they should be unprepared for whatís waiting for them.

The good thing is that there is enough time for everything during a summer break and if you plan and manage your time wisely, you shouldnít have any problems getting the well-deserved rest and getting ready to be even more productive in the new school year. So, what is it that you need to do?

Rely on your planner

Having a planner, either in the form of an app or hardcopy, is really useful for managing your time. Planners are supposed to give you a visual representation of your responsibilities during a particular period and they really make our lives easier. Mark all important dates in your planner, such as special events and family commitments. Once you have all those non-negotiable priorities fixed, you can start adding other events. Add them around the fixed events, so that you have enough time to meet all your responsibilities, but allow some time for fun, as well. Make sure you stick to your plan and youíll see youíll have time for everything.

Treat yourself

You absolutely need to reward yourself for your past achievements. No matter how great they may seem, you deserve to celebrate them. Whether you take a trip to a destination you always wanted to visit or become part of a tradition, such as the internationally popular schoolies 2020, you need to change the environment for at least a few days and meet some other people. The more fun you have, the better youíll feel and youíll be more motivated to put in some extra effort next year, so that you can repeat such a treat once the next school year is over.

Give social media a rest

Though you may enjoy social media and keeping in touch with friends that way, the period between two school years is perfect for becoming a bit less hooked on them. The reason is very simple Ė they can be extremely addictive and time-consuming, which means you can easily get distracted and fail to meet your other obligations or get enough rest. You donít need to see every picture or comment your friends post, nor do you want to spend ridiculous amounts of time looking for entertainment online. Instead, focus on going out, meeting people and breaking the routine, at least during your holiday.


You are already aware that you canít be productive and efficient if youíre not rested. You wonít be able to focus, everything will take much more time than it should and, as a consequence, youíll eventually become quite frustrated. You had to get up early each school day for several months in a row and youíve probably studied until late at night on at least several occasions. All that takes a toll. Your body and your mind need enough time to recuperate and rest, if you want to be able to give your best next school year. So, unless you donít have an imperative deadline looming, like college applications due the next day, make sure you get enough sleep and rest. Remember, itís always a better idea to go to sleep and get back to work the next day with a fresh mind.

Donít be too ambitious

Make sure you donít plan to do too many things during your holiday. Be realistic about what you can do and donít put too much pressure on yourself and others. While you may have many great ideas and dreams youíd like to see come true, be realistic about them. If you fail to do what youíve planned, youíll inevitably get frustrated and youíll start the next school year with a sense of failure, which is never a good thing. Instead, focus on doing what is feasible and youíll boost your self-confidence and be ready for whatever challenge comes your way.

The period before the new school year is always tricky, as some students simply decide to do nothing and consequently meet the new school year unprepared. Others, on the other hand, pack so much into their schedule that they get exhausted before itís time to go to school again. The secret is in finding a balance between getting enough rest and staying in shape.