How to Be Better at Your Job than a Robot


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Itís a sentiment thatís been thrown around for the past few years– robots are going to destroy jobs. While robots are an important part of a thriving manufacturing environment, contrary to popular belief, they are not here to overthrow all human workers.

Donít panic–robots still need human operators. Hereís how you can be better at your job than a robot, and prepare for increased automation in the workplace.

Will Robots Take My Job?

Itís important to understand the likelihood of your job becoming fully automated by robots. Creative areas and highly skilled labor positions are less likely to be outsourced to bots, but cashiers, for example, are 97% likely to see robots assume their job roles. By understanding the probability of this happening, you can better position yourself to avoid the take over.

Itís crucial that you make yourself invaluable to your current employer, as well as potential future ones. Take classes to develop new skills, or just sharpen your existing ones. Todayís job market is more competitive than ever. Workers need to crosstrain to stay valuable. If in the event that the need should arise to move into a different area, youíll be ready. Market yourself and reinforce your ability to do your job at all levels, or move into areas that are less likely to be outsourced.

Being adaptable to your situation is key if you want to avoid having your job taken by robots. Instead of fearing the takeover, learn how the robots operate. Work on building the skills needed to work alongside them. Taking on a welcoming attitude will help make the transition a smooth one. With our economy being a moving target, new developments are always occuring. Workers and employers must think ahead to avoid getting lost in the shuffle.

When the lawn mower was invented in 1827, it did not destroy landscaper jobs. Instead, it created new ones. Artificial intelligence is creating more jobs that we can ever imagine. Keep an open mind and modernize your training and skills as often as possible.

Creativity Gives Employees an Edge Over Robots

Humans will never be completely replaced by their robot counterparts. Why? Simply put–creativity. While robots have the ability to perform repetitive or dangerous tasks, they lack the creative ability that humans have to think about situations and apply unique solutions. Case in point, robots lack the emotional intelligence that an HR director needs. Itís true that they may be able to repetitive data related to payroll, but they cannot hold conversations with employees about sensitive HR issues. This proves that robots and humans can peacefully coexist.

Automation is Necessary for Growth

One tool that has revolutionized the way factories move product is the beam trolley. These move products down a chain conveyor automatically, products that ordinarily would require many humans to move, taking longer and costing more. Chain conveyors and beam trolleys can transport heavy or bulky products through high or low temperature zones, and keep them secured as they move through factory settings. This level of automation requires humans to monitor for problems or stoppage. Beam trolleys make humans jobs easier.

Instead of fearing the robot revolution, stay ahead of the game. Work smarter, not harder and remain nimble as automation increases throughout workplaces.

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