How to Avoid Plagiarism: 3 Proven Tips

Avoid Plagiarism

On the internet and even offline, you can’t copy/paste someone elses work word by word as it will be considered plagiarism. In fact, copying an article from another website and putting it on your own can actually hurt the rankings and reputation of the website in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

So, what’s the solution to prevent plagiarism? The answer is paraphrasing or rewriting content in a different (changed) form while still retaining the original meaning of the sentence. Through this method, the content becomes unique but still retains the original meaning of the text. Prevention of plagiarism is also very important in academic work, and failure to do so can easily land you in some serious trouble!

Let’s look at some of the best methods to reword a sentence easily:

Use Synonyms

One of the easiest ways to reword a sentence is to use synonyms… If you look at any word, there is a good chance that you will find multiple synonyms which convey the same meaning and can be easily used in the text.

Original Text: I know a technique to make this computer work!

New Text: I know a method to make this computer work!

As you can see, changing the word ‘technique’ with ‘method’ has changed the original sentence a little bit. But you can’t just use synonyms and assume that it will make your content unique. When you are trying to reword a sentence, using synonyms is just one of the things you should do besides other techniques.

Use Software

If you do not want to manually rewrite a sentence, then you can use various online tools that do it automatically. For example, rewrite tool is an example of a free but great rewording generator that goes through your sentences or paragraphs and rewrite them effortlessly. Here are the steps on how to use it:

  1. Click on the above link.
  2. Copy and paste the content into the box located on the left side (original content). You can also upload a file containing the text from your device.
  3. Click on the ‘start re-writing tool to automatically rewrite the content!

If you do not want some specific words to be replaced with synonyms, then you can also exclude words from the options!

Change the Order

Another trick to easily reword a sentence is to change the order of the sentence. Earlier, we looked at how one can use synonyms to make a paragraph somewhat unique. But it is only through changing the order that you can make it truly unique and free from plagiarism!

Original Text: When I entered the home, John was sitting on the sofa!

New Text: I saw John sitting on the couch when I entered the house!

As you can see, we changed the order of the sentence and also used synonyms to make this sentence unique. In both sentences, the meaning or context of the sentence is the same, but the method of saying that message is a little different. So, by using synonyms and changing the order, you can easily reword any sentence easily. If you are new to this, it might take some time, but you will be writing unique content in no time!