How to apply for curfew e-pass during lockdown in India

The pandemic is spreading its vicious arms day by day. To curb the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has extended the earlier declared lockdown to May 3, 2020 as of now.

The only solution to avoid spreading of the pandemic is to maintain sensible social distancing, restricting the people movement from one place to another. At a country level, this was only possible with a lockdown.

But, there are many essential, critical and unavoidable activities which need restricted movement of people. To adhere discipline and facilitate such movement of people, it became necessary to come up with a streamlined methodology. Since essential services are operating in India, state governments have started an e-pass system. Using the e-pass or movement pass, one can provide these facilities.

Through e-pass, one can provide the essential services like medical care, health care, chemists, police and security personnel, media services, electricity and water department, animal fodder and ration shops.

Below are simple steps to follow in order to apply for an e-pass

How to apply for state-wise movement pass

Step 1: Visit the official website of the respective state, UT or city

Step 2: Select the ‘apply e-pass’ tab

Step 4: Fill the e-pass form with all the required details

Step 5: Upload the supporting documents, if any, and submit your application

Step 6: Once your pass is approved, you will receive the message from the authority

Step 7: Take a print-out of the e-pass and carry it with you while going out

Essential services list for curfew e-pass

These are the listed situations under which any one can opt for curfew e-pass.

# Low & order magisterial duties
# Vehicle (Truck, cars, bike for emergency only)
# Police
# Fire
# Electricity
# Water
# Food Supply
# Health worker
# Bank
# Media
# Patient
# Death case

# Medical services

Information required to apply for curfew passes

# Applicants District
# Town
# Name
# Mobile Number
# Govenment ID
# Vehicle registration number (RC book)